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Gogar Park Young Curlers History

Gogar Park Young Curlers was founded in 1979 by Mrs Anne Gumley. 

Mrs Gumley was dedicated to the improvement of junior members of Gogar Park Curling Club so created GPYC which continues to run on a Sunday morning. 

The junior club and coaching was originally run at Gogar Park Curling Club at Gogarburn, near Edinburgh Airport but moved to Murrayfield Curling Club in season 2005/2006. 

Mrs Gumley coached the junior members of club for around 15 years where there was a bit of a lull until Robin Copland and Mike Dick took over in 2000 and continued the work. Other notable coaches that have assisted the junior club are Trevor and Catherine Dodds and former member of GPYC, David Aitken. 

Andrew Barr is also former member of GPYC and is currently the ‘responsible’ adult assisting the junior committee in running the club. Kenny Findlay and Scott Dakers are again also former members of GPYC and are continuing to run the Gremlins coaching structure prior to the GPYC league games on Sunday mornings.

Roll of Honour

Scottish Junior Champions - Women
 2016 Naomi Brown    
 2015 Gina Aitken Naomi Brown Rowena Kerr  
 2014 Gina Aitken Naomi Brown Rowena Kerr  
 2012 Abigail Brown    World Champion
 2010 Tasha Aitken  Caitlin Barr   
 2008 Kerry Barr    World Champion
 2005 Kerry Barr    
 1997 Suzie Law (alternate)    World Champion
 1993 Gillian Barr (alternate)     World Champion
 1992 Gillian Barr  Janice Watt   
 1991 Gillian Barr  Janice Watt Anne Laird  
 1989 Julie Hepburn    
 1984 Susan McLean (Kesley) Katie Wood Fran Harvey (Stretton) Shona Wood 
 ____________________________  ________________________________________________________ ______________________ 

Scottish Junior Champions - Men
 2016 Bruce Mouat    World Champion
 2015 Bruce Mouat    
 2011 Colin Dick    
 2005 Sandy Gilmour Graeme Copland   
 2003 David Soutar    
 2002 Philip Garden    
 1998 Garry Mackay    
 1995 Paul Westwood  Steve Still   World Champions
 1989 Allan Manuel    
 1986 David Aitken    World Champion
 ________ __________________________________________________________ ______________________________________ 
Scottish Schools Champions
 2012 Bruce Mouat Rowena Kerr Rachel Dakers  
 2010 Mark Munro    
 2008 Colin Dick Struan Wood Neil Anderson  
 2005 Jamie Dick Colin Dick Struan Wood  
 2004 Kerry Barr David Copland Steven Kennedy Ann Barr 
 1982 David Aitken David Imlah Martin Wragg lan Davidson 
 ________ ______________________ ___________________ ___________________________________ ____________________