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Newsletter 18Feb2013


Gogar Park Young Curlers again showed their mettle at the Scottish Junior Women’s Championships in Aberdeen, where Hannah Fleming’s team of Lauren Gray, Jennifer Dodds and Abi Brown retained their Junior Women’s title in January this year.  Hannah, Jennifer and Abi are members of Gogar Park Young Curlers and will represent Scotland in the junior events in Sochi starting at the end of this month.

Also travelling in a representative capacity will be Bruce Mouat and Gina Aitken who won the Scottish Mixed Doubles Championship in Perth in December, and who travel to Canada to represent Scotland in the mixed doubles at the end of April.

Gogar Park Curling Club have retained their strong links with their counterpart Young Curlers and as a mark of recognition for the achievements of the five Young Curlers have followed past traditions and presented them each with a cheque for £50.

It is also worthy of note that 3 other Gogar Park Young Curlers were part of the beaten finalists in the Scottish Juniors, and one of that team won the Sportsmanship Award as a result of the votes of the other players.

I am sure that I represent all of our members in wishing our young curlers all success in their representative matches.


29 clubs took part in the annual struggle which is the Midlothian Province Bonspiel. We were unlucky not to have had a clean sweep of wins. It helps if you can get 18 shots up in one game (e.g. Mid Calder) so a favorable draw certainly helps in this event.

Edith Butler, Andy Bews John and Jill Hunter-Gordon were first out at 2 O'Clock playing the Chartered Surveyors. Our rink got one or two decidedly unlucky breaks including a pick up at the penultimate end and were therefore unfortunate to go down by one shot.

At 4 O'Clock Arthur Barlow together with Mike Wilkinson, Tom Jarvis and David Hume faced Stewarts Melville.  The game was closer than the end score might suggest given that Arthur had to play two get out of jail cards to save loosing a fist full of shots.  We came away 5 up.

Sadly this was too big a mountain for the formidable rink of Niall  Gunn Bruce Mouat, Fran Stretton and Betty Gibb.  With Mid Calder sitting comfortably in the bar some 20 shots up, Niall had to press hard. He wasn't helped by the ice going very flat to the extent that none of first 8 stones in the last end even reached the head. Indeed with the skips’ last two stones to play the head was still bare.  Jon Adinall's SIAE rink had a tough task against the Mouat / Gunn firepower  and lost by 5, but it might have been worse for them if Niall's final stone hadn't finally nudged two opposition stones into the house.  The Bonspiel format doesn't  encourage cautious play!

I would attach a photo but you all know what a curler looks like and anyway it takes up too much memory. And talking of memory, mine isn't the best so if any of the above is wrong - tough.

Overall results for the bonspiel were

Mid Calder 7.76
Carrington 6.67
Watsonians 5.5
Currie & Balerno 3.67
DAFS 3.3
Gogar Park 3.0
Chartered Surveyors1.5
SIAE 1.5

We will be entering again next year and we look forward to your enthusiasm to put the club up at the top of the board next year.


The Past Presidents’ Bonspiel is a bit of club tradition which is well worth keeping alive. Former Presidents of the Club select rinks to play for them in the bonspiel.  This year we expanded the event to 3 sheets which made it possible for Past Presidents to be allocated players if they were no longer regular curlers.  It is a great opportunity to renew old friendships and I am told that everyone enjoyed the event.  Sadly I missed it as I was in Dumfries being duffed up by the rink that will represent Ireland in April's World Seniors.  But I am looking forward to next year.

This year 24 members played  which was won by Eileen Harvey's rink of Fran Stretton, Katie Wood, Susan Kesley and Jenny Barr.  Well done girls!

If you would like to join the fun next year you have to let me know.

 More news later