1/8 All league draws and tables updated for new season (see the Competitions page)
3/8 President's letter amended and subscription form updated with correct bonspiel date (see below)
4/8 Open Super League Division 2 - updated version (late season times & dates)

New Season Information
Emails will be issued to all members shortly regarding the new season. If you don't receive an email, or if you can't open the attachments, then the Subscription Form and President's Letter are available below:

Competition Dates


Date of competition


Province League

Div 1

September onwards.

9.30pm on various Mondays and Thursdays throughout the season, Play-offs at 5.30pm on Tuesday 29 March 2016.


Rink Championship

17th Oct 1345 (Haddington)

24/1/16  9.30am

7/2/16  6pm

13/2/16  11.30am

Final - 4-6/3/16






Club Coaching

Sat 10th Oct   1345


Club Pairs

Sat 31st Oct,  1130, 1345 and 1545


Indoor Grand Match

Sat 24th Oct


Club Bonspiel

Sat 30th Jan, 3 sheets at 1345. Meal after.


Province Bonspiel

Mon 25th January



Bob’s Broom



Past Presidents Bonspiel

Sat 13th Feb, 1545


Swiss Tour Bell

Do any of you remember the large cow bell that hung above the bar at Gogar? It is being donated to the curling museum in Thomson Tower at Duddingston.

Ian Seath would love to have some information to display alongside it. If you have memories you'd like to share please send them to Edith at edithbutler@blueyonder.co.uk and she will pass them on.

The bell is marked as from the 1984 Scottish Swiss Tour.

Gumley Fund

Two projects are in the process of being supported through grants from the Gumley Fund:

The Committee are fair excited at the new trophies that are going into production for the Super Leagues. They are unique and we are sure you will like them. Thanks to Nicola Hume for  her wonderful design work.

The young curlers have been awarded a £1000 grant through the Gumley Fund to help provide hoodies for the members  A great way to promote our game through an active, well established club. The committee felt this was a good investment in the future.

All members are able to apply to the Gumley Fund  with ideas for promotion of the sport of curling:- be it ways to encourage others to play, or support of club activities better the sport as a whole.

This fund is for the whole Club to benefit from but we need your ideas.

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