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Leading for Our Profession

Early Childhood Education For A New Era

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EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION FOR A NEW ERA presents a leadership manifesto. Contending that we are at a field-defining moment, it argues that early childhood education as a field of practice should: (1) assume responsibility for the competent practice of its practitioners and for facilitating positive results for children and their learning;(2) formally organize as a profession to realize consistency in practice across sites and program types; and (3) develop field-wide leadership, thereby diminishing reliance on public policy for defining the field’s purpose and structure – a dependency that has fostered programmatic and systemic fragmentation, uneven performance, and weak leadership capacity as a field of practice.

For reviews, go to Teachers College Record [http://www.tcrecord.org/] and Amazon.com.

Identified as a "best seller" by Teachers College Press Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Early Childhood and Elementary School Education Fall/Winter catalog.

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