Göttingen-Penn State International Summer School on Dynamical Systems
The Mathematics Department of the Pennsylvania State University and the Mathematical Institute of the University of Göttingen will host a 3-week long summer school on dynamical systems, from
July 24th to August 13th, 2011,
Mathematical Institute, Bunsenstraße 3-5, D-37073 Göttingen, Germany.

The first two weeks will contain mini-courses, and target mainly graduate students. The third week, coorganized with the Courant Research Centre "Higher Order Structures", will be a conference with shorter talks discussing active areas of current research.

The mini-courses (25.7-5.8) will be given by:

The conference (8.8-12.8) will contain talks by
  • Rabindra Bhattacharya (Arizona State)
  • Davoud Cheraghi (Warwick)
  • Vaughn Climenhaga (Penn State)
  • Dzmitry Dudko (Göttingen)
  • Adam Epstein (Warwick)
  • Dmitry Fuchs (UC Davis)
  • Michael Gekhtman (Univ. Notra Dam)
  • Mikhail Gordin (St. Petersburg)
  • Boris Hasselblatt (Tufts)
  • Ursula Hamenstädt (Bonn)
  • Federico Hertz (Penn State)
  • Yutaka Ishii (Kyushu)
  • Wolf Jung (Aachen)
  • Masashi Kisaka (Kyoto)
  • Gerhard Knieper (Bochum)
  • Raphael Krikorian (Paris)
  • Dave Morris (Canada)
  • Volodymyr Nekrashevych (Texas A&M)
  • Valentin Ovsienko (Univ. Lyon)
  • Mark  Pollicott (Warwick)
  • Tilman Rothe (Jena)
  • Jörg Schmeling (Lund)
  • Nikita Selinger (Bremen)
  • Mitsuhiro Shishikura (Kyoto)
  • Hiroki Sumi (Osaka)
  • Dan Thompson (Penn State)
  • Nikolay Tropin (St. Petersburg)
In order to be admitted and to receive a stipend for the school, an application is required. The application deadline is January 28, 2011.

The conference is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (US) and, and coorganized with the Courant Research Centre "Higher Order Structures" (Göttingen)

Recent Announcements

  • Directions to the Mathematical Institute, Göttingen If you are coming by plane, the closest airports are Frankfurt (2h), Hannover (1h) and Berlin (3h). Göttingen is easily accessible by train.
    Posted Oct 26, 2010, 6:42 PM by Laurent Bartholdi
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Relevant Readings

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Relevant Readings for Complex Dynamics http://www.math.psu.edu/koslicki/ComplexDynamics.html 
Relevant Readings for Hyperbolic Dynamics http://www-users.math.umd.edu/~climenhaga/psu-gottingen.html 
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