Current Information
  • In frame of the Project „Gödel’s ontological argument: history, modifications, extensions and controversies” (nr 2013/08/M/HS1/00439, financed by Polish National Science Centre)  the Monograph entitled "Gödel’s Ontological Argument: History, Modifications, and Controversies" is currently under preparation. Authors - J. Czermak, A. Fuhrmann, S. Kovač, E. Nieznański, K. Świętorzecka will  present to the Reader directly related material with performed studies and achieved results in the implementation of the Project. [announcement]
  • 24.09 - 26.09.15 The Seventh Conference: Non-Classical Logic. Theory and Applications, Nicolaus Copernikus University in Toruń, lecture "A Gödelian Logic of Causality" (S. Kovač)
            (i)  „Some Extensions and Certain Interpretation of Gödel’s Theological System“  (J. Czermak)
            (ii)  „Causal Interpretation of Gödel’s Ontotheology“  (S. Kovač)
           (iii)  „Non-Fregean Framework for the 'Slingshot' Effect in Gödelian Ontology“  (K. Świętorzecka)
           (iv)  „Gödel’s  summum bonum vs. Leibniz’s ratio sufficiens“   (E. Nieznański)
           (v)  „Gödel’s Ontological Argument in the Public Eye“  (A.Fuhrmann)