Old Photos
Love and fun in the 20th century.
Here I am with Paw Paw and his horse, Duke. Guess I was 2.

Of course my brother had to get in on the action.

A bunch of cousins and Uncle Jay. Let's see, there's Renee, Ricky, Kenny, Anita, me and Shelia. I don't remember the dogs' names. For the record, I absolutely hated those orange corduroy overalls and sweater ensemble, they were so uncomfortable. Mom loved it, apparently, 'cause I remember wearing it a lot. (And there are lots of photos of me wearing it in different places, different states, different occasions.) I was thrilled when I outgrew them. To this day I detest the mere sight of corduroy anything.

Dad in a playful mood at their anniversary party in 1985.

Dad loved fishing, and nothing was better than taking kids along, first generation or grandkids. Here's the result of a good day with Jared and Becky.

Here's the whole bunch of them in '88. Hmmm. I think I know where Aunt Dot and Aunt Sue got the idea for their matching wardrobes.

One of my favorite pictures of Josh. For those of you who don't know, that's a calf milk bottle. As in baby cows. Becky's very fashionable here, and Leslie seems to be lounging.

Here's another of my favorite shots of my Little Buddy. Dad smoked pipes for ages, and Josh was fascinated by them. I'm not sure if this is one of Dad's or the one he got for Josh for his very own (and uncontaminated by nicotine). I think Josh's was smaller, so this may be one of those events that prompted getting him his very own.

Of course my Princess had to get in on it.

Superman to the rescue! Superman 'jammies didn't come with capes in those days, so Jared had to improvise.

This was a great Christmas prank. All Mom wanted that year was a microwave. They were still fairly new and expensive back then, and she had said she didn't care if she didn't get anything else, she just wanted that machine. She just knew that big heavy box under the tree was her coveted microwave.

It was a potato bin. Which she liked well enough, it just wasn't a microwave. She tried to hide it, but she was so very disappointed. After we were finished opening our presents, Mom lingered in the living room cleaning up and arranging the opened presents in a display under the tree. The rest of us headed back into the living room, 'cause we were all in on Dad and Sherry's joke; the sought-for microwave was sitting on the kitchen table with a big bow on it. (It was a pretty big machine.)

Here you can see the moment Mom first saw it. Still eeking disappointment, and not quite understanding what she's seeing yet. We're all standing in the kitchen, by the way. Notice (if you can) the smirk on Dad's face as he relaxes with a pipe.

Kenny, Becky and Josh got to her first - there's Leslie with her favorite thumb to the left.

And Sherry almost blocks my view with the camera as she giggles over the potato bin decoy.