O b s o l e s c e n c e

or: Whattaya need ME for?

I'm obsolete.  I'm going to take a guess that most of those reading this are obsolete as well.  If you are a man, you are no longer necessary.

Of course, we've been hearing it for years, mostly from women who are fed up or otherwise unhappy with their domestic male partners.  And of course lesbians don't need men.  Now that we're obsolete, lesbianism may be the wave of the future for our species.

(I've always said I'd make a good lesbian.  After all, we share the same primary interest:  women.)

Women have always been rather proud of their wombs; they create life (blasphemous as the comment has always been).  Such a stupid comment because without sperm, the egg doesn't get fertilized; ergo, no babies.

However, it is now possible to take a woman's DNA and use that to fertilize the egg, cloning the woman.  Whether a woman clones herself or another woman is immaterial, the fact remains that this process would not require a man at any point.

Close down the sperm banks, destroy the holdings!  We aren't needed.

Personally, I don't see the hang ups over cloning.  Somehow it's supposed to invalidate god or something like that, so the religious right (which is neither, of course) has banned it in humans.  But let's follow the arguments:


1)      Only God can create life.

2)      If 1 is true, and cloning is possible, then it's because God wills it.

3)      If 1 is not true and people can create life, then there is no god – or at least, a less powerful god.

4)      If 3 is not true, then God's okay with cloning.


I rather liked the idea of introducing someone's DNA to a fertilized egg to clone them; perfect for someone like me who is unmarried but might like to have a child (man or woman).  But the recent findings are that the egg does not have to be fertilized with human sperm in order to be fertilized and develop according to the matrix of the introduced DNA code.

Therefore, guys… technically we're obsolete, which leaves a couple of courses available to us.  We can start genuinely respecting women and treat them as equals in deed as well as word.  Or we can just pretend to understand their psychoses if we'd rather retain our integrity.  Either way, we're gonna have to toe the line, 'cause the balance of power has officially shifted.