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Just another boy and his dog... and a flying chicken... and a chicken with lips... and other dogs... I think...

      Kelly and Duke was a fun, quirky little newspaper strip in the 1970s by cartoonist Jack Moore.  I've been trying for years to find a little info about him in books or online, and have only recently been able to dig anything up about him on the internet.  (Check out the brief bio on Wikipedia here.)

      Here are the earliest strips that I saved from The Nashville Banner. I don't recall when we started getting the daily paper after we moved to Tennessee, but I'm sure it was fairly shortly after we moved there in July of 1978. I had looked for my old favorite strips from The Toledo Blade, and this was one of the new strips I found (as well as Dick Tracy and The World's Greatest Superheroes); I don't think Kelly & Duke pulled me in immediately, but then I was resisting all things Tennessean at the time.
     I started really getting into Kelly & Duke with the story that started in the second week of January 1979 and rescued these few strips as I scrounged for any earlier papers that hadn't been used to start fires in the hearth yet.

Saturday, 23 December 1978

Monday, 25 December 1978 
Tuesday, 26 December 1978 

Saturday, 6 January 1979 

     Trust me, we'll see more of Coney Island's problems with The Flying Chicken later on. But for now, we turn our attention to Duke - the big, ravenous chicken-stealing dog whose appetite has gotten him into a wee bit of trouble.

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