How Tarot Cards Can Work For YOU!

Debunking and Demystifying the Mystical.

"Tarot cards really work."

Read that again.

"Tarot cards really work."

I'm serious.  When you read that one of two thoughts likely went through your head.  Either you thought "Keith's nuts" or you thought "Of course they do".

If you thought the former, bear with me.  All will be explained.  If your mind embraced the latter thought, well, sorry but you're deluded.  That's okay, though, because we all have blind spots where we believe stupid things.  (My personal delusion is that in spite of the visual, I have such a scintillating personality that I should be irresistible to women.)

Without encroaching on Penn & Teller's Bullshit! territory, Tarot is bunk.  There is nothing mystical about them (as if mysticism is real), they are not "in tune with the order of the universe", they aren't "tools of Satan" - they're just fucking cards!

But I'll say it again:  "Tarot cards really work."

Used properly, and yes, in their traditional "mystical" fashion, they can provide you with answers or guide you to a resolution to a conundrum that plagues you.  (And I mean the actual layout, reading and interpretation of them that's outlined in the Rider deck instructions or any variation of same in any of the commercial novelty decks available.  If you only know about Tarot from cheesy TV show or film use, where the death card comes up and causes panic before someone actually dies, then you don't yet know what I'm talking about.)

Here's how the cards are supposed to work:  The questioner holds the cards and shuffles them, focusing on problem or query about his life.  Then, either the questioner himself or a "medium" takes 10 cards (from the top or at random) and places them in a specific pattern on the table.  Each position indicates an aspect of the questor's life and/or the issue at hand, and each card has specific meanings that are interpreted to fit into the categories of their placement.  This can be very involved and detailed as the meanings shift as the cards relate to each other.  Even the orientation of a card (upside down or rightside up) changes the meaning.  Reading the cards in order is supposed to reveal cosmic answers to your life - unless the stars aren't favorable or some crap like that and you have to try again some other time.

How they actually work:  In applying your problem to the ideas represented by each card and the positions they are in, a Tarot reading allows you to examine the aspects of the situation in new ways.  The cards themselves are not absolute in interpretation; they are designed to be flexible and even vague because you have to work it out for yourself.  (Think of them like Rorshach tests - there are no wrong answers because what you see in the blobs of ink is whatever your imagination makes them.)

This is how the cards can seem to work when mediums use them, just like cold reading seems to work to the incredibly gullible who think mediums are communicating messages from departed loved ones.  Hooey.

But in forcing you to examine a problem from different angles, you can actually formulate a plan of action or solution or resolution that otherwise may have taken you a while to reach (if at all).  It isn't the universe that's giving you answers, it isn't the cards magically arranging themselves to guide you, it's you working it out for yourself like a crossword or sudoku.  Sometimes an interpreter is beneficial in helping you to examine things from other perspectives, but generally they are brining their own prejudices and ideas into the reading which isn't really the idea.  It's really all about talking out the problem with yourself (or someone else), and this is just another way of doing just that.

Since these are just random, of course some patterns can make absolutely no sense.  Nothing ominous in that.

Generally, it's just a fun way to look at things occasionally - but it's certainly no way to examine every aspect of your life or to resolve really difficult situations.  If you need this kind of guidance constantly in your life, you're seriously fucked up and need more help than the cards can provide, so go talk to somebody, already!