Welcome my weary internet traveler. God Invites us to Enjoy him. 

Here at God's Unbreakable Rope of Love, we ask Jesus to slow us down [to unplug us], to show us how to listen with our whole heart offering our full attention and to have a front row seat to all kinds of evidence of God's work.

God never designed us for independence. He created us to live in interdependence—with Him and with one another. This principle of teamwork is evident in the work of fulfilling the Great Commission [see Matthew 28:18-20]. The apostle Paul declared in Romans 10:14-15:

“How can people invoke His name when they do not believe? How can they believe in Him when they have not heard? How can they hear if there is no one proclaiming Him? How can some give voice to the truth if they are not sent by God? As Isaiah said, “Ah, how beautiful the feet of those who declare the good news of victory, of peace and liberation.” (The Voice Bible)

We all have a part in taking the great news about Jesus to people around the world. We are all missionaries. As missionaries, we need a network of support (for prayer, friendship, and at times financial support), much like a tree depends on its root system. Through love, accountability, and a common commitment to the gospel we can encourage one another and share in the fruit God brings.

Friendship is a key part of God's plan helping us through the trials and temptations of life. When we isolate ourselves from one another, we miss the love of God that comes through the tender touch of a friend. Our own past hurts can give us compassion and insight that may provide timely encouragement to a hurting friend.1 Some feel threatened by the this concept, by reason of past hurts and traumas, they feel they do not have inner strength to cope with any more unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings. They find it easier to repress unacceptable feelings than face them. We need to make our mind up the next time an unacceptable feeling comes our way, we will choose to face and feel it in the strength God provides.

Picture yourself standing on the edge of a cliff, looking down into a deep abyss. The abyss represents your fear of experiencing your emotions. Now visualize a strong rope tied securely to your waist—a rope that represents God's love and that is held in His hands directly above the abyss. While you remain on the cliff, the rope hangs limp around your waist. Note, it is the cliff, not the rope, that is supporting you. The only way you can experience the tightness of the rope and know the power f the Lord to uphold you in the presence of unpleasant feelings is to jump off the cliff and trust yourself to the rope. In other words, if you face your feelings, you will not fall into the abyss—you will be supported by God's unbreakable rope of love.2

“You have shielded me with Your salvation, supporting me with Your strong right hand, and it makes me strong.” Psalm 18:35 The Voice (VOICE)

1NIV Christian Growth Study Bible, Zondervan page 696

2Every Day Light Daily Inspirations, Thomas Kinkade, page 70

Faith is not something we do. It is a response to what God has done already on our behalf, the response of a spirit restless in a fragmented world.

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