God’s  Protection  of  His  People



"The LORD shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul. The LORD shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore."  (Psm. 121:7-8)



God’s  Protection  in  the  Old  Testament



n                 Noah was protected from the Great Flood by God’s warning and instruction to build an Ark to save his family (Heb. 11:7).

n                 God sent two angels to deliver Lot and his family from destruction in Sodom (Gen. 19:1-29; 2 Pet. 2:6-8).

n                 God protected Abraham from murder and his wife Sarah from sexual abuse by Abimelech in Gerar (Gen. 20:1-18).

n                 God protected Jacob’s family from famine and then arranged for them to live in Egypt by promoting Joseph to become the prime minister (Gen. 50:15-22).

n                 God protected the Children of Israel against all the Ten Plagues in Egypt and continued to protect them all the way to the Promised Land (Exodus).

n                 God protected the Jews from Haman’s plot to exterminate them by Queen Esther’s petition to the king (Est. 8 – 10).

n                 God protected Daniel and his three friends when they refused to bow down to the idols and they prayed to God (Dan. 3:1-30).



 God’s  Protection  in  the  New  Testament


n                 The Lord Jesus Christ protected His disciples’ plucking heads of grain on the Sabbath Day (Mk. 2:23-28).

n                 The Lord Jesus Christ protected the woman caught in adultery by challenging her accusers to declare their absence of sin (Jn. 8:3-11).

n                 God’s angel opened the prison doors and freed the apostles (Acts 5:17-28).

n                 God protected Paul and Silas in Philippi when He opened the prison doors by an earthquake (Acts 16:25-34).

n                 God protected Paul during the shipwreck (Acts 27:1-44).

n                 God protected Paul from the snake bite in Malta (Acts 28:1-15).

n                 God protects His people during the Great Tribulation (Lk. 21:34-36).

n                 God protects “the camp of the saints” in the End Time (Rev. 20:7-9). 


God’s  Salvation  of  our  Family


There are two people that not only molded my early childhood character but also influenced my Christian thoughts, words and actions for the rest of my life. They are my maternal grandmother Chew Gaik-Yong and my father Zacchaeus Hean-Lin Wong who is also my role model in the ministry.


My  Grandmother




When I was one year old I had diphtheria and was on the verge of death.  My grandmother, Gaik-Yong Chew, the only Christian in our family at that time, prayed for me with several Indian Christians, and the Lord healed me. This healing resulted in my mother, several relatives and friends believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and were baptized into Him. My grandmother was uneducated therefore could not read the Bible, but she was a "doer of the Word of God." Her heart was pure and she trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ.  My grandmother died at the age of 60 on May 4, 1941.




My  Parents



My father Zacchaeus Hean-Lin Wong and my mother Lee-Yeng Foo were married on April 3, 1926.  At first my father was not a member of our Congregation, but after he learned the truth he was baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Kinta River during a thunderstorm.  After my father received the Holy Spirit he was very joyful and went everywhere telling people about the Lord Jesus Christ.  He was ordained a minister of the True Jesus Church on April 5, 1941.  Both my parents emigrated to Canada where my father ministered in the Toronto Church.  They are now with the Lord Jesus Christ.


This photograph was taken in 1935. 


God’s  Protection  of  our  Family


The Pacific War had broken out.  Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on the morning of December 7, 1941, but most people do not realize that Malaya (former name of Malaysia) had already been invaded by the Japanese about an hour earlier on the same day, except that the date is December 8, 1941 because Malaya is west of the International Date Line.


Japan’s conquest of Malaya was swift but not easy.  They had sunk the HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse off the east coast of Malaya on December 10, 1941.  The Japanese Army landed in Kota Bahru and defeated the British Army at Jitra in Kedah to the North.  When they came to Malim Nawar in Perak their advance was stalled.




As soon as our town Ipoh was bombed by the Japanese, our family, together with three other families that are related to us, evacuated to our uncle Cheah Hong-Kee’s tin mine in Kupoi near Malim Nawar which is about 18 miles from our home.




According to historians the Battle of Kampar is the only bright spot of British defense.  A British battalion and a regiment of Punjabis that totaled 1,300 had defeated the much vaunted Japanese Army’s crack 4000 strong 41st Infantry Regiment, and gave them a beating at Kampar over a four day period from December 30 1941 until January 2 1942.  Japanese newspapers at the time claimed 500 Japanese casualties against an Allied loss of 150. It was the first serious defeat the Japanese had experienced in the Malayan campaign.  Your may read about the Battle of Kampar in these web sites.


Remembering the Battle of Kampar



Valiant Defiance



Valour at the Ridge





The place where we evacuated, Kupoi, is right in the crossfire path between the two opposing forces. Artillery shells from both combatants whizzed over our heads.  We could not sleep for several days and nights.  We prayed for God’s protection.  During that time the British were winning and the Japanese were losing the battle.  Our prayers may have something to do with it.  Thank God for protecting every family that had evacuated to Kupoi.


Although the British forces had fought bravely they were completely exhausted and their artillery were heated up from the continuous firing, whereas the Japanese replaced their troops every 48 hours and replenished their artillery.  After receiving orders from their headquarters the British forces withdrew from Kampar just before midnight on January 2, 1942, and they went south to defend the supply route for the other regiments who were still fighting.


After the British forces had retreated the Japanese forces advanced south.  Some of their troops had passed through Malim Nawar.  News had been passed on to us that the Japanese had committed atrocities in that town.  Some local residents had been tortured and killed, and several women and girls had also been raped.  


The advancing Japanese army from Malim Nawar were on their way to Kampar. They had to pass through Kupoi and some of them would have to pass by our Kongsi House. We had to be prepared for them but the bad news is that we were not quite ready at that time.



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