We hope you enjoy the photos from our many active garden users! Click on the picture below to see all the pictures.

Gods Garden

The pictures show fall / winter vegetables. 

Other photos show the vegetables picked and in bags ready to be delivered.  Some are photos of the vegetables in the garden growing. 

One Saturday the cub scouts picked up parsnips and rutabagas which are shown in the bags.  Another lady, Anne Jones, came over and picked as well.  The harvest was delivered in her truck and you can see them being unloaded at the E. Ft. Bend Human Needs Ministry.

There are photos of rutabagas loaded in a pick up truck.  Some neighborhood folks came and harvested, cleaned them and packed them in their pickup to take them to a different mission / soup kitchen.  Picture 313 shows them at that location.

The extremely large cabbage in several photos along with a leaf from it is from our back yard.  The cabbage measured 3 ft. from tip of one leaf across to the tip of the other leaf.  The leaves were the size of dinner plates.

There are several photos of people (adults and children) picking vegetables for the E. Ft. Bend Human Needs Ministry on various days.