Stijn Gabeler was born with the name Constantijn Gabeler
Father Ron and mother Ineke.
Sister Julia.

Born in Alkmaar, on the 5th of August 1977.
He was raised by his mother after a divorce on his 3rd.

Lived in Alkmaar with his mother and sister until 12. at Weverij 2.
Learning Judo and a bit of the piano,but also playing footbal for Koedijk and playing with his comodore 64 next to going to 't Baeken... his first school, where Stijn learned to read, write, sing and speak a bit of english.

His mother remarried for the 2nd time and they moved to Warmenhuizen where they lived with six. 
A steph-father, steph-brother and steph-sister.

Stijn went to school in Schagen from the age of 13 to 17.
After 5 years, Stijn tried to do the last year of his studying in Alkmaar.
Stijn's first job was in a supermarket and in the summer it was all about working for a bulb-flower farmer and transporter.
There we're also a few lovely holidays with the family.

1977 - Alkmaar - Oudorp - Munickenweg 
1980 - Alkmaar - Weverij 2
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on the age of 18 Stijn got back to Alkmaar and lived on his own in his first student-house. Drinking alcohol, smoking sigarets and eating meat was his lifestyle until his 30's. 
Stijn's body became older and slower.

Until the age of 18 Stijn went to school, worked for the supermarket and played footbal and tennis.
Stijn started smoking on the age of 16.
Drinking Alcohol was a normal thing to do for youth these days.
Unaware of the side-effects, Stijn used to drink a lot of beer or wines weekly in the weekend and smoke daily a package of Marlboro 25 sigarets.
Because of his job in the weekend at a supermarket, budget wasn't a problem.

On the 7th of July 2007 Stijn stopped smoking.
a year later and 1 month and a day it was time to become a vegetarian ...
Stijn became a vegetarian on the 8th of August 2008.
in 2009 Stijn stopped drinking alcohol on the date 9 September 2009.

Stijn lived in Alkmaar on the age of 18 and got in his first real and serious love-relationship.
After 1,5 years this relationship was ended.

After a few years Stijn rented a house with a friend and a few other friends came to live in this student-house.
Until 21, Stijn stayed in Alkmaar on his own.

His second relationship was almost 6 months, / 0, 5 yers.

During a wintersport Stijn did meet a girl from Breda with who he lived a few years. On the age of 27 they went to Breda to live there.
Stijn was searching for a job, but decided to study on the NHTV.

After a relationship of almost 6,5 years Stijn was single again.

Stijn is an autodidact, and self-made journalist.
Initiated many video-productions.
Started to work together with people to do dynamic duo productions.

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