gods of death

A Bleach/Death Note crossover RPG

When you hear the word "shinigami," what do you picture? A noble warrior, or a grotesque monster? Someone who helps souls, or someone who takes lives?

No matter which you picked, you're right.

Before the warrior shinigami, who exist to help souls return to the Soul Society, came to power, there lived the killer shinigami, monsters who steal years from humans' lives in order to continue their own. But as the human population increased, these killer shinigami began completely consuming a few individual lives instead of nibbling off the years of many. At the same time, the warrior shinigami rose in power, developing structure and organization in order to handle the influx of souls going to the Soul Society. The warriors saw the other shinigami as soulless monsters, much like Hollows but unable to be cleansed. They vowed to destroy the killer shinigami on sight. The killer shinigami were at a disadvantage, as their eyes could not see the names of the warrior shinigami, thus making their Death Notes difficult to use. They were soon forced to retreat to their own realm, only occasionally venturing into the human world.

Centuries passed.

Now, the Soul Society is in chaos, its legislative body slaughtered by the traitor Aizen Sousuke. With the help of substitute shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo and his friends, they struggle desperately to stop Aizen from achieving his goal: conquest of the Soul Society and ascendence to godhood.

Only a few trainstops away on the Tokyo Metro, Yagami Light has gotten his hands on a Death Note, giving him the power to kill without being anywhere near his victim. He begins to use the notebook to kill off criminals, intending to purge the world of evil and make himself god of the world. The only one capable of stopping him is L, a mysterious detective.

Two men. Two dreams of godhood.

What would happen if they met?











01 -- August 20th 

 Summer is starting to just barely wind into fall. Nevertheless, today is sunny and a great time for picnics and swimming. Our Bleach heroes have returned from the Soul Society and are re-adjusting to the normal life. Shinigami have been dispatched to follow them to prepare them for the chance that Aizen might launch an attack on that plane. In other news, the Kira investigation has just started and L is slowly homing in on our gallant villain, the studious and totally not megalomaniac at all, Light.