by Anne T. Hill



God Is My Partner

God is my partner--I'm never alone

If I listen to Him, I can always be shown

In my work, I try to do my best

Then I call on Him to do the rest

Any place--wherever I be

I find He is always with me

If you love yourself, you'll love your fellow-man

By following this precept, you will be working on God's plan

Our world did not happen merely by chance

If you heed His great design, you'll never cease to dance

His mighty force will support when you are high or low

Many latent talents He will help you to show

We're all God's children on the family plan

He's forever watching over His earth and man

He's father and keeper of us all

You will never fail to find Him--He's always on call

Speak to Him through your mind and soul

All He asks is love and righteousness for toll

If this seems too easy, just try it and see

By doing these things--you might find the key.

portrait of Anne T. Hill

By Anne T. Hill (1916-1999)

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