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In the house of God of the universe there is room for every sort of religion, as long as there is a link to God-Most-High master of the universe and life giver to every living thing. So, this new theory of seeing religious issues may on day solve those religious problems that seem to exist today. You see, all these religious writings are being written for the benefit of mankind, in the hope that one day religious people see that they are a link of the same chain, which connects them all to the same living God. 


Dreamed about God

I have dreamed about God

And this is the most important dream of my life


First of all let me explain our human position:

There are times in our lives when we dream, and we think that our dream is a very special dream. And therefore we think that, that special dream has a special meaning for us. Therefore some of us want to believe in our dreams.

There are people who believe in the Afterlife, so they believe that they will go to Heaven or to Hell when they die, or perhaps they will go somewhere else. There are people that will swear that they have seen the Afterlife, in a dream or in a coma. But no one can prove it to you.

Anyhow I am saying this because I have dreamed a special dream and this is what I dreamed that night, the 18th April 1994, which happens to be one of my daughter’s birthdays, and I believe that this dream is a premonition dream.


This dream starts like this; I am at the top of a flight of stairs, in a very airy building, which is very much like a large shopping centre; there are a lot of people on this flight of stairs going about their business. But we all seem to be just standing there, nobody seems to move much or be in a hurry to move at all. I happen to be standing near a lady, and we both have intention to go down this flight of stairs, that is whenever the crowd gives us the chance. This lady that I am with seems to be my fiancé, and we are both to get married soon, in the same church I really got married. I am really trying to be nice and sweet to her, and I could not see any reason at all when all of a sudden she left me and everybody else, and somehow she managed to go down the flight of stairs and went away from me.

The dream here fades a bit away, but restarts somewhere else immediately.

And then, there I was floating in the air a few meters above the ground. (There are times when I dream that I am floating above the ground, or above a crowd of people, most times I feel stressed, and I try so hard to fly until I float above and over the people, or above and over my problem, whatever that problem might be). But this time I am floating uphill on a large hillside that resembles a hillside in the country that I came from: there is a small dirt road on this large hillside that will pass in front of the town cemetery on the way to town.

While I am floating, I am making the sign of the cross like when one is praying several times for unknown reasons, it was doing it perhaps because I felt uneasy or in danger: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and again and again I was doing it.

With some difficulties I float above and across an unknown bridge. But then the dream changes and, I am entering a church together with the same lady, that lady which I was with when I was at the top of the flight of stairs at the beginning of the dream. (This lady that I am with is supposed to be my wife, but she does not look exactly like my wife, mostly because, her hair style is like the Madonna that we used to carry around town, when there is/was a religious procession.) There are only a few pews in this Church that we have entered, and perhaps a dozen people sitting there. This Church is situated right at the top of a high hill. Its interior looks very ancient and tidy, it is very airy but small; one could say that it is only a Chapel. But the pries there is the best pries one can ever have, because the pries there is God Himself.

I and my lady companion go to sit in a pew, she sits so far away from me, so, I try to sit closer to her and be nice to her, but she gets up and goes away, just as she went away when we were standing on the flight of stairs at the beginning of the dream.

After she left I kept sitting on the same pew in the church, and I was wondering why she had left me so suddenly, then I turned my head around and saw that on this special golden-stone-floor as only the ancient people used to built the Priest appears, or should I say that God Himself appears, or perhaps it is the Holy Spirit that appears to me. He is/was a middle aged man of martial appearance, taller than an average man but not a lot taller, well dressed but His cloths were only normal everyday cloths, I could say that He is the most perfect man that I have ever seen. Suddenly I found myself beside Him and He placed one of His hands on my head, and His other hand on my back, just where my back is usually sore, and then He said: THIS MAN IS A BIT OLD, BUT SO WHAT!! And then again while He was putting a bit more pressure where my back pain usually is: BUT SO WHAT!! (As if whatever the matter was with me, the outcome would make no difference at all). And then He let me go.

So I moved away from Him to go back to my sit, but before I sat down at my sit I turned around, and from where I was I could see Him again on that golden-stone-floor, as He (god) was turning away from us and leaving us. At the same time I became aware that He was carrying in His hand a large hoop as His symbol of power.

The hoop seemed to be about eighty centimetre plus in diameter, and attached to the hoop there were about two dozen little hangers, and on each of these hangers there were several small pieces of material like cloth, He (God) just touched one of those pieces of cloth as to demonstrate: and from the four corners of the church; I heard voices which sounded like, as if all the molecules of air were talking with a single voice, and they were saying: He touches one of these pieces of material, and He knows everything up to the smallest possible existing particle.

Here my dream slowly fades away.

What a shock one can have to dream about meeting God, so, later on when I woke up in the morning I thought; maybe I am going to die soon? Perhaps that's the reason why I had this dream about meeting God? But it was not going to be that way.

This is what I mean when I say that I have dreamed about God.


Dear readers, this dream above together with other God send dreams and the encounter or vision as written in Hub Pages, Prayers for Reconciliation has led me to write these religious writings.








A very quick look to today's gods and religions: 

Christianity has many religions one of the larger one is the Roman Catholic. 


Saint Peter basilica, Michelangelo, face of God and link to the Bible  www.catholic.org/bible/

The Koran, religious book of the Muslims, Link to the Koran   The Koran -- Simple Search  
Some Indian religions; 
 The Indian religions have many gods and ways one of which is a book called The Laws of Manu; here is  a link to the Indian religions  www.religionfacts.com/hinduism/beliefs.htm 

There are many other religions; www.adherents.com/Religions_By_Adherents.htm, www.omsakthi.org/religions.htmlwww.catholic.org/ 


God in the universe I had to called this site, because God of the universe had already been taken, but anyhow it does not matter, since they are about the same. Now because we are talking about God, first and foremost I need to prove that God exists, in order to overcome some unbeliever beliefs like the atheists that think that God does not exist at all, may God help me to write a good article to achieve that? 

But let us start the way all religious articles should be started, and that is; that we should pray to God, or to whatever other spiritual forces one believes in; In my case because I am a Roman Catholic born and baptized, I would have to start praying the following way below; and then pray some other prayers as my heart and soul guides me to do. 



In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy spirit, (this is the sign of the cross of course that we Roman Catholic and some other christian religious denominations use; some of them in a slightly different version) 

Then I pray the Lord prayer; 

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, amen. 

Of course this is the prayer that our Lord Jesus Christ thought us when he was asked how we should pray God our father, it is written in the New Testament, one is in Mathew 6- 9-11 also in Luke this is mentioned This prayer of course is the greatest prayer of them all and it will be so for a long time to come, if not forever. (Here again there are different versions in different religious denominations.) 


Now that I have written the usual prayer that I/we pray or should pray; let me explain what is the main purpose of these religious writings. These religious writings are about a religious theory, for religions of the future, its main aim is to put forward a theory that would be able to link all existing religions together, by designing a new way of how all religions could be liked together. Therefore all existing religions will be just the same as they are today, and believers could continue to believe and pray, as they have done all their lives. For this reason I have already written many time in hub pages and other sites the following article; 

For my readers' peace of mind. 

To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, please read my Prayers for Reconciliation writings and Reconciliation of the Universe fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that they would find hard to fight each other any longer in the future, as they will be shown that they all come from the same God of the universe. Reconciliation of the Universe is the theory that might be able to achieve just that. 

Of course there are many other things to be said, but they will be explained as we go on writing them. 


Now that I have written some explanations and the opening prayers that most of us believer should pray, let me write my own personal prayers. 

This is one of my prayer of reconciliation

Almighty Father, with my personal concerns I come to you praying God-Most-High master and eternal life giver of the universe, I am praying thee for forgiveness of my sins and reconciliation to thy eternal life force. I am praying in the hope that I would receive your forgiveness, cleansing, guidance and blessing, and after receiving them let me be your humble servant. Father, hear my prayer forgive me my sins and bless me; so that I can live in harmony with thy eternal life force, amen.    


This prayer is my prayer that everyday I pray, in the hope that God will guide and help me with these religious writings that I am willing to write, because I feel it from within my heart that I have to write them. 

Almighty Father, I pray you with all my heart, my soul and my mind earnestly, hoping that in your mercy you let me be a healthy old man and live a long life, and let me be a very wise man, so that I would be able to write those religious writings, as humanly as possible according to your will and in such a way that humanity may accept them and use them for the benefit of mankind; Father, hear my prayer. 


There is no need to change the way we believe, so our prayers can be just like what we used to pray, but anyhow here-under is another prayer and links that I found on the Internet:

In the house of God there is room for every sort of religion, as long as there is a link to God-Most-High master of the universe and life giver to every living thing, so, let us prays to our Lord God for a new beginning.

(With this prayer that I found on the Internet)

Prayer for New Beginnings

Lord God,

You have called your servants 
to ventures 
of which we cannot see the ending, 
by paths as yet untrodden, 
through perils unknown.

Give us faith to go out with good courage, 
not knowing where we go, 
but only that your hand is leading us 
and your love supporting us;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Now that I have written some of my prayers and explained a few things, let me show you some of my hub links of Reconciliation of the Universe, so that you can check out the beginning of the third and last part of my religious writings: 

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These links here-under are links to earlier hubs or religious sites:

Man needs God, 3, Prayers for Reconciliation, 5, God exists, 8 God works in mysterious ways, 32,



My first article in this site about God,

God exists even if God exists only by definition,

  Here is my theory of the existence of God:  

God does exist because you and I exist, if God did not exist then you and I could not exist. In general terms we could say or we might have to assume that life is God and God is life itself, therefore one cannot exist without the other.

We also have to assume that my God might not be exactly as your God or the God described in the Bible, but God exists because God represents the existing life on earth; having said that I know that it is not going to be enough for everybody to accept what I have just said. Therefore I need to prove how and why God exist, and there are many ways and many points that need to be described for the whole world to accept my theory of the existence of God. So, let us start to describe one of my theories, which happen to be perhaps the most removed from today religious beliefs, but at the same time it could be the one that just about everybody might accept. So, with this explanation here I would like to assume that God must exist at least by definition, because there is nothing else that can take God’s place as the life giver of the universe.

What do you mean about that I can hear you say?

What I am trying to say here is that whatever sort of god is there he/it needs to be defined or perhaps I should say described if you see what I mean. What I am trying to say here is that God does not need to be the creator of everything, as religious people want us to believe, in fact in my theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, God is the modifier of the existing forces of the universe and through this God-life-force the present existing life has been made possible on earth, so, let me say here again that God exists by definition, as God is all life energies of the universe that make life possible.

You see apart other things; we need to give a name to the existing life force of the universe, because this is the life force that makes life possible on earth and perhaps everywhere else in the universe; do you see what I mean? I say what other name can we give to this life force? Perhaps God is the only name that is suitable to describe this life force.



What I have written above is part of one of the hubs near the beginning of my religious writings. My religious writings are in three parts and contain 75 hubs in hub pages; so if you would like to read them that is where you can find them. Now what is going to follow here-under is really the end of my religious writings. But there is a twist here because the end can also be the beginning of next review of the same religious writings. In other words my religious writings can go around and around in a never ending story so to speak. So when you read the following you need to keep this in mind. 


Google site, God of the universe

In the beginning we say, but the reality is that in the universe there is no beginning and there is no end. The universal laws in the universe are that everything goes around forever, and therefore they can last forever. But for us in order to describe something of the entire universe we have to start from somewhere, and also end somewhere if we are able to find a way how to do that, otherwise we need to loop our articles or whatever we are doing back to the beginning, so that a complete cycle is formed.

Now, let us make our first choice of what we are going to talk about here, since this site is a religious site and we have called it God of the universe, we are going to talk about God of course, therefore we start talking about God, not only because we have chosen to start from God, but it is necessary to start from God since God is the engine of all existing life in the universe, to start from anywhere else would be a mistake.

To understand my point of view it is necessary that one reads most of my religious writing of Reconciliation of the Universe, as I have already published them in Hub pages; I am going to paste here some links for you to check them out;    

Reconciliation of the Universe 60, God of the universe 66, The tormented souls 69, Circle one negative 73The third new dimension connection 74,  We say in the beginning,

These links above are the most important in order to understand my points of view. I also need to say that I wanted to complete my loop so to speak in hub pages, but it became too difficult because I had to repeat most things and this became duplicate content. So that is the reason why they are being published here. You see they are the end of my writings of Reconciliation of the Universe, but at the same time they can be the beginning of my religious writing, since they are a link that links the life force of God to the third spiritual dimension, which in my theory it is the place from where God of the universe absorbs energies and is able to keep passing all these energies to all lives in the universe; so that life in the universe can go on forever.


 Explaining the link

Now let me start from another angle so to speak; the third dimension is that space in the universe that stands between the negative and the positive life forces of the universe, at the negative side it absorbs all the negative elements that are thrown in it, and whatever goes into this dimension can stay there for a very long time, since this dimension is immense, while these spiritual things are there they go through various changes; for instance they can disintegrate in a way or another and become the smallest existing life bearing particle in the universe, and they float around in the third dimension of the universe. These life bearing particles then they may become attracted to the positive or negative side of the universe, therefore the negative particles are attracted to the negative side, which would be around the entrance of the abyss; but the positive particles will be attracted form the positive side, which is God of the universe side, this is how God of the universe collects all the life energies of the universe, and thus is able to distribute these life energies, first of all to all existing Gods of the universe starting from Yahweh, Allah, Brahman, and all the gods that exist in the universe, then the archangels the angels and so on. I have said Yahweh because I happen to be a Roman Catholic and that is the first name that comes to my mind.


 Why talk about this dimension?

As you all know or by now you ought to know, in these religious writing we are in search of a way that explain the existence of God and religions, therefore the existence of the spiritual world, since that is the only way to explain the existence of God. Now we have reached this stage where we have to explain how the spiritual world exists, and therefore how it can function, because only if we are able to do that there is some credibility in these religious writings. Now, we believe that this third dimension can achieve that.

We have already written and explained many things in our numerous hubs that we have already written, so we have reached the stage where we can say that the spiritual world is made up of two halves one is positive and the other is negative, we have also explained that the life forces of the universe float in the universe and somehow they form a cycle, so that all living things are recycled so to speak, it has to be like that in order to go on indefinitely and be eternal, therefore we need to link everything together and this is one of you the functions of the third dimension.

The third dimension is a vast link that is able to connect and at the same time isolate the positive and the negative sides, since the sheer vastness acts as a barrier and at the same time can reconnect the two life forces of the universe, well not really connect together, but by letting the life energies particles float through it, the life energies are able to go around in circle and therefore the life cycle of the universe is formed.

Perhaps there is a lot more that can be said, but I am trying to make it short this first time around, but I will come back to edit it several times, as soon as I am able to think of something else. You see I believe that these religious writing needs a closing hub also. Therefore this is what I am going to write about next, I may call this next hub; Explaining the entire universe in a nutshell. See you there.       


Explaining my universal religious theory in a nutshell

Dear readers, I know that you are going to question even the title that I have given to this closing hub, but above all the title of this part of the hub, because what I am trying to claim here is that I will be able to tell you everything that there is to know about my religious theory, which could be impossible to achieve if we think about it, therefore I have to try hard to explain to you what I mean, by writing down most of the reasons why I have written my religious theory; by doing that I might be able to describe how I see the connections that connect everything together, which in itself sounds like another theory, but I need to explain that somehow.

I believe that if I can explain clearly how I see these universal connections, I am sure that then you would understand me. Of course there are so many things to say in this case, because what we are talking about here is the most controversial subject that the world has known. One has only to read any history or religious books to see that most civilizations have tried to solve this religious problem, and until today they have not succeeded, so in these religious writings that I have written, I hope to have been able to have taken another step in the right direction, so let me say how I see the entire spiritual universe and anything else that links to it.      

So, let us start from the beginning, because we believe that everything has a beginning, and also everything that begins is going to end; but this is only partly true as I have already said above, because there are things that never begin and they will never end; you see, now we are talking here about eternal things and eternal things never end just because they are eternal. God and the life forces of the universe are eternal, and therefore they will never end.  

Now, we would like to talk above all about time, because there is a time for everything, and even though time can be measured because we can say that this thing has begun on this date at this time of the day and it has ended at this date at this time of the day, there we are talking about a single happening that can be separated from other things; but when we talk about time itself it does not happen like that at all, because there is no beginning and there is no end of time, as time is the most eternal thing that we can think of. Therefore, in the universe everything is eternal like time itself, because it has been there all the time and it will be there forever, it only moves forward and cannot be stopped.

But now let us go back to my religious theory; in the universe everything goes around in circles, it is like recycling everything again and again and these recycling forms the life cycle of the universe. Therefore, when we talk about the end of times, we are talking about a controversial issue, because there are reasons to believe that the end of time is just another invention of our human mind, because it is more likely that the end of time can never happen?

You see, everything we do has no complete end, but we mark it as the beginning and as the end of something according to our own standard, so that we may be able to see a clear picture of what we are talking about at that particular time. But in religious beliefs it is not clear how we can do that, in fact it is impossible to have a beginning or an end of anything spiritual, as we don’t know enough to say if there is a beginning at all, or they have been there all the time?


(This link is only partly complete, so it might change in the future)


Here are some religious sites that may interest any religious readers

The Holy See - Vatican Library/Secret Archives



1. Vatican Library - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


HEREUNDER IS A SKETCH SHOWING GOD OF THE UNIVERSE: To see it click on the link below.

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