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The aim of this website is to introduce the Gödel chess engine.

Gödel is a Spanish chess engine developed by Juan Manuel Vazquez in C++, mainly under Linux environment. It is not a new project, since its author has been working on it discontinuously for a very long time. Godel's name was chosen in honour of the mathematician Kurt Gödel, author of the famous incompleteness theorems.

Gödel source code is not available at the moment, but probably will be released within a few years. Gödel has a lot of bugs and it's play is not too strong, it has around 2900 CCRL ELO points in a decent hardware. It's therefore far from the best chess engines. For this reason, any help in testing will be greatly appreciated.

The author of Gödel invites you to download it and use it for free and, if you want, to collaborate with the project, reporting errors or possible improvements in its play.