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But Even A  Solid 
ROCK Can Largely Be Buried!
God wants His ROCK of truth, which has been  obscured  by  the  dirt  of almost every imaginable error, to spring forth!

Prophet Amos vividly spoke of a TRUTH FAMINE when people would
run to and fro throughout the earth to find TRUTH and could not find it. (Amos 8:11-13).
Apostle Paul also spoke of perilous times to come and a great falling away in which
TRUTH naturally would become more obscured (2 Tim 3:1, 2 Thess 2:3). 

Nothing Is As Vital As Finding And Possessing God's Solid Rock Truth!  It Is Good... 

  FOR LIFE                                                         AND DEATH!
Jesus said, "If ye continue in my word, …ye shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you FREE (John 8:31-32).
Too many carefully plan for retirement, while ignoring truth and soon to come death, as well as God signs and wonders!

Truth Has Promises And Blessing For Both This Life And The Life To Come.
Oppositely Erring Religions Have Bitterly Misled, Obscured, And Oppressed!
God Has Confirmed These Issues With AN ABUNDANCE OF MIRACLES.
The Devil Has Misled Many Religions, And Don't Loose His Prisoners. 
(Isaiah 14:12-20)

Uniquely situated between our driveways and near the road.

We have a huge rock uniquely
buried in our front lawn, having only a tip 
sticking out of the ground.  I have often thought
of truth being buried just  like that rock.  And yes,  greatly  needing  to  come forth and be shared with every  one down the road.  Therewith my passionate desire  and  prayer  was that truth would spring forth out  of  the ground and come swiftly to the churches. And  yes  the  below miracle certainly applauds that  concern.  Although  the  message  of God's Rock Of Truth springing out of the earth might be surprising, and  have  weight  as  to  shake  and shatter many churches, may truth rather stop short of destroy-
ing, have mercy and restore.  Yes may mercy
rejoice against judgment (James 2:4) 


 "Truth shall spring out of the earth; and
righteousness shall look down from heaven." (Psa 85:11).

A Rock Springs Out Of The Ground And Almost Crushes
A Church At A Very Meaningful Time In My Life.  May 2014

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I have had numerous dreams wherein I was painfully buried alive.  Buried like
the unique rock uniquely buried in our front lawn and having only a tip visible.   I have
often felt like my extensive truth seeking efforts (as well as humanitarian efforts), largely lie buried like the rock in our lawn. And therewith often  prayed that my both my religious and humanitarian  endeavors,  someday  would  spring  out   of  the ground.   Interestingly after telling a prayer team about the rock buried in our lawn, and how I felt the rock portrayed my religious and humanitarian efforts being buried, and after their special prayer on my behalf, the  next  day  it  was  published  on Fox News that a huge rock (about the size of the rock uniquely buried in our front lawn) did amazingly spring out of the ground.  Further the rock amazingly  rolled  right  up  to a  church, and although it had weight to crush the church, it stopped just 12 inches short of crushing or damaging it.  The prayer was on Mother's Day 2014.  The  rock  incident,  although  occurring  slightly prior, was widely or basically published on Monday after Mother's day.  And yes I was amazed to see the story
of the resurrected rock, remembering the special prayer the day before. 

The rock is centered between our two driveways,
directly in front of our front door, and near the road.
The below page was created in 2012 two years before the resurrected rock event.
See for the other pages connected to the above page.  

The Corner Pin Incident!  June 2012
Religious Corner Pins Need Firmly Fixed On The ROCK Of God's Truth
God wants our religious boundaries and corner pins to be built on His rock rather
than the mere sand of men's traditions.  For many years I was seeking to reveal to a particular church that some of their religious corner pins were not genuine. The below page shares  some  of  my  difficulties  in  this,  and  tells of a unique incident where God with His helping  hand  then  caused that I discovered a literal and unique fake corner pin in the very presence of those I for years was trying to show had faulty corner pins within their religious system. Yes  God seen fit to demonstrate before them literally, the falsity which I had been passionately seeking to reveal.  And yes God with His amazing hand, later did even much more to get the attention of this church. God wants all corner pins to be on the rock. 
See the story of the Valentines Tree given later to see what else God did.

Fake Corner Pin Found June 2012 In An Amazing Manner.
All five pages of the above document are given at

The Amazing Tree Incident Of Valentines 2019
God Wants To UPROOT All That Is Not Fixed On The ROCK

In 2018 prayers were made that religious errors would fall like tall dead trees especially thinking of the above mentioned church, as well as thinking of issues sur-rounding the Valentines subject.  Therewith a huge tree was uprooted and fell Valentines Eve 2019 at the church and blocked their driveway during a service.  A tree which ended up being shaped like a heart and which was full of meaningful images.  For more see  shares some of my experiences with this church.

If  we  really  want  God  to  be  our  Rock we certainly must be fully open hearted
to receive His truth whatever it is.  Yes be much more determined to attain His solid rock truth than to prove we always had it.  It is sad that many seem more determined to prove they always had full truth, than determined to attain it, and thus will miss God's good rock
of  truth,  and  miss  it's promise and blessing for both this life and the life to come.   Many people  are  so  taken  up  with  their  religious agendas or popular religious concepts and agendas, they have no interest in carefully inspecting crucial issues or looking beyond the religious systems and agendas they are accustomed to and involved with.   

 The Meaningful Fire And Flame Of 2011
And The Whale Besides
God In His Love Is Passionately Seeking To
Bring His Glorious Rock And Light Of Truth To Us

Having a great desire to really know God's solid rock truth, 
my prayer largely throughout life has been that God would light my candle and 
enlighten my darkness.  This flame of fire seen for 40 miles around occurred on my
50th birthday and in a manner as also vividly spoke of the Valentines subject.  The flame occurred in a time and hour as gave a vivid confirmation of my extensive Greek study on Paul's  teaching  regarding  woman's  needed head covering, as in 1 Cor 11:1-16.  It con-firmed  my  conclusion that Paul was advocating that long hair was the needed covering.  Yes  powerfully  confirmed  my  conclusion that Paul actually was advocating that woman, who God made for man and to be the glory of man, thus was to have power or liberty
about her head because or like the angels, and that therewith her long hair is a
God intended glory, given for a covering, and instead of a veil.  

And Oh yes I must also add that on Valentines day, four days after the 
amazing flame, God also seen fit that a whale should further confirm the liberating message of the flame. Yes a whale held captive by a stifling net was literally and amaz-ingly liberated from a crushing net four days after the flame, and of immense significance this  further  was  on  Valentines Day the very day of the year that points to and celebrates beauty and romance.  And not only was the show of cutting the net and liberating the whale outstanding,  but  the  whale afterwards also gave such a phenomenal show of delight, the demonstration of the liberated and delighted Valentine's Whale has drawn many millions of views on Social Media.   And for some reason God has given an many more miracles con-firming the same message regarding veiling.  See for much more.

Interestingly and even further God's providence also provided that a massive gas
line now extends from the place of the meaningful flame, as if carrying its liberating message regarding feminine glory and veiling, and yes carrying it to a large and the most dense Muslim settlement in the USA, near Detroit Michigan.  Thus in 2018 a fuel for 
revival map was created, showing the pipeline extending to the Detroit area.  

See the below video to see another amazing incident, which involves a fiery
sermon given at Detroit Michigan on Nov 22, 2020.   A sermon which amazingly corresponds with all the above issues, with the speaker likely knowing nothing of them.  This fiery sermon given at Detroit, spoke of a tsunami of power coming  to  the  region  uprooting deeply rooted erring systems, and emphatically spoke of ripping off the veil, and ripping the veil of false religion off the region.   And then to top it all off, at last my very name was prophetically called out with an amazingly relevant message.  For many years I have been waiting for the solid ROCK of truth to powerfully spring out of the earth, and for years  painfully waiting for many good things to occur which God showed me.  The message given was, "Amos, The Lord says, yes indeed, it won't be long now, God's decree, things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing after the other, you won't be able to keep up with it, everything will happen all at once, and everywhere you look blessings.  etc".  Watch the video to see much more.

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May we make sure OUR EARS desire and itch more to hear utmost truth than
to hear those who would shower us with soothing, but faulty consolation and doctrines.
The Bible warns saying, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but  after  their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables." (2Tim 4:3-4). Some  want  truth  to  endorse liberties that actually are inappropriate and unhealthy, while others  want  truth  to  endorse  the  commandments of men, or austere religious traditions which  may  actually  stem  from  the doctrines of devils.  Our ears often strongly itch to be assured that truth is simply what we want it to be, which itch often becomes evil, and dis-torts and rejects what really is Solid Rock Truth. If we want GOD and His TRUTH (it enshrines the perfect law of liberty), to be our rock, all error must be thrust out!
.  speaks more of the
importance of God's solid ROCK truth and points out numerous vital subjects.

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