God at work 



Dear friends, the equation below talks about how God works

 in our world and in our hearts. 

The way to God and the way to live for God is really quite simple. It doesn't involve rigorous exercises, mystic meditations, or costly weekend workshops. All these things actually can lead one farther away from God. You don't need to go anywhere, change your eating habits, wear a saffron robe, or  pledge your money to the poor.

God is totally accessible and the path to Him is without monetary charge. He is not hiding somewhere on a faroff mountain nor is He waiting for you to perform some feat of strength, sacrifice, or intellect before you can come to Him.

The equation? I'll get to that in a moment. But please keep reading.

It was years ago... But I still remember the day....


I was walking by myself in the pine bush. I felt soooo lonely and low and I looked up into the overcast November sky and simply said, "God, I want you. I need You." (Looking back, I can simply say that for the first time in my life, I prayed sincerely for God's help, realizing my own need and my inability to change myself) A couple of nights later I went over to a friend's house for a haircut. Back then I had a long hair. Back then I had hair!! But I went over to this friend's house for a haircut. And I noticed something different about my friend and his wife, something way different. They were laughing, bubbling, excited, emotionally charged. And, as my friend's wife cut my hair, they told me that they had just received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  And then they asked me if I wanted to pray. And so right there, right at the kitchen table, I prayed with them and I bowed my head and said, "Jesus, I want You, I want You." And I was changed. Immediately.  "Born again."  (I always tell people that the scissors were at my throat so I couldn't say no!)

Listen: I hadn't been inside a Christian church in years. (Going to church doesn't make you a Christian anyway just like going into a garage doesn't make you a Volkswagon.) But I thought Christianity was for old people, not for me. I was waaaay too cool for that Jesus stuff..... After all, I was a yoga teacher, a meditator, a proselytizer for Eastern thought, a health food fanatic....But I was wrong. Completely eternally wrong. And in a moment of time, Jesus Christ the Risen Son of God revealed Himself to me. And I knew that I knew that I knew that God loved me, that Jesus was alive and He was my Lord!!!

That was many years ago....


Jesus Christ is the only way to God. Praying to saints, praying to Mary, practicing Eastern disciplines, eating nothing but tofu and bean sprouts, following the teachings of Buddha or Mohammed or Swami someone: all these things might give you a sense of worth and well-being but they bring you no closer to God. 


There is no other way to the heart of God than through Jesus the Christ. Jesus Christ is the way OF God. He has been given all power and authority in heaven and on earth and as we yield our lives to Him, He works within us His will and purpose.

God the Father works in the human heart through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit reveals the person of Jesus Christ to us - Jesus Christ as our living, risen Saviour and Lord. 


And so the equation talks about this working. I believe it is accurate for those who have already made a commitment to Him, for those who have recognized themselves as sinners and in need of a Savior. It is not for those who still think that they are good enough or strong enough or smart enough in themselves to gain an entrance into God's kingdom. It is for those who have humbled themselves before God. It is for those who know the power and love of Jesus...


Anyway, here is the breakdown of the equation:   


God x the square root of our Capacity x our Desire divided by Time or Environment equals our Sanctification.  


God (G) works in our hearts and lives according to our capacity (c) and our desire (d). But these are subjected to the time (t) or environment (e) in which we live. 


A person might have a real desire for God - but a small capacity. And  another person might have a large capacity but only a small flickering desire - and so each grow in their faith accordingly. And someone might have a large capacity for God and a large desire - but the environment (e) in which they live in modifies (divides) the result.


God uses different times (t) or ages to bring about different truths or lights. And God sometimes withholds His blessing - or, vice versa, His cursing -  not because of  you but because of what is going on around you!


But all of this is governed by God - thus, the square root sign (reducing  the influence of the letters below it) and the big G for God - who is over and above all. 


The result of all this? Our sanctification (s).  Small s. Sanctification is just a big word to describe our state of becoming or being holy before God. Think being "holy" is only for a priest or an ascetic of some kind? Nope. It is necessary for you and me. "Without holiness no man shall see the Lord". Hebrews 12:14


There is much we cannot control about the  times (t) we are in or our environment (e). We do not choose the day of our birth or the day of our death. We do not choose where we are born or to whom we are born.   


But a good prayer to pray is:


"Oh, God, increase my capacity (c) and my desire (d)

 for Thee!!!"  


God will answer that prayer!!!


"Dear Lord, I pray that You will draw us closer to Yourself. Let me know You, love You, serve You in a fuller way today. Make Yourself more real and precious to my heart today. Amen!"

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God bless!