GOD Through Scientific Phenomena



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   The intention of this site is not to give a firm proof about the existence of GOD.


 _   The existence of GOD is simply SENSED by the mind through the clear and well defined  and precise PLAN, indeed observed through the sequence of the Matter's unidirectional evolution phases for billions of years, till the reach of the present amazing design of the HUMAN BODY ...


§      Absolute science and Physics exist billions years before Man. Man has always been, and continues to be just "an intruder" on this huge jungle of their interactive reactions.


§     Man tried to use his limited observation tools to understand the “phenomena" around him and explains them with "Laws and Theories" that he is trying to set !!!
§     He then discovers that "his" set laws and theories are incomplete.

     (Difference between Newton’s and Einstein’s laws). He later discovered that the laws he set were just a part of "another complete set of Absolute Perfect ones".


§    The amazing part is when we see that the evolution sequence of the matter looks to be following a unidirectional PLAN that goes since the BIG BANG, from the "simple" to the "more complex", for billions of years until the reach of the fantastic and amazing present HUMAN BODY design? 



§         Interested in this type of meditation? you can read much more in the chapters listed on the right side of this page... And you will finally be surprised to see GOD!

Through  my humble life experience, I sincerely offer this personal approach to all those who truly want  to FEEL GOD.

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