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Because Ayam, Blender, Wings3D and MisfitModel3D weren't terrible enough for my purposes.

Technical Details

GTK+ and OpenGL (via GtkGLExt)


Though I have tried out a variety of 3D mesh-editing programs over the years, the only one that I have found intuitive enough to actually use is MilkShape3D. However, MilkShape3D is Windows-only, and is not Free/Open Source Software. There is a MilkShape-esque program called MisfitModel3D available under a GPL v2 licence, but it doesn't appear to be under active development any more.

I have therefore begun work on my own program, MilkMaid3D, taking inspiration from the simplicity and usability of the MilkShape3D user interface and the direct, hands-on way in which it allows the user to adjust every vertex, triangle and joint manually.


There aren't many "editing" features right now:
  • Faces can be reversed.
  • Smooth (per-vertex) or flat (per-face) normals can be generated.
  • The Y and Z axes can be swapped.
  • The mesh can be repositioned so that it is centred at the origin.
  • Cubes can be added to the scene (but not moved or resized).
The program is currently capable of loading, rendering and exporting mesh files - so it's more of a mesh "conversion" program than a mesh "editor" at the moment.

Supported Formats

The following list contains all of the file formats that are/will be supported by the program.

Yes means that the file format is completely supported.
No means that the file format is not supported.
WIP means that the file format doesn't work yet, but is currently being worked on.
TODO means that the file format doesn't work yet, but it will do at some point.

Entries in Yellow mean "supported, but missing feature XYZ".

 Import Export
 AC3D (*.ac)
 3D Studio 3DS (*.3ds)
 3D Studio ASCII (*.asc)
 No Yes
 MilkShape3D (*.ms3d)
 Yes Yes
 MilkShape3D ASCII (*.txt)
 MilkShape3D "Simple Mesh Format" (*.txt)
 No Yes
 MisfitModel3D (*.mm3d)
 No textures
 Wavefront OBJ and MTL (*.obj and *.mtl)
 No OBJ Only
 Object File Format (*.off) Yes Yes
 Stanford PLY (*.ply)
 POV-Ray RAW Triangles (*.raw)
 No Yes
 StereoLithographic Triangles (*.stl) Yes Yes
 id tech 4 (Doom 3) MD5 mesh (*.md5mesh)
 No UV data
 Quake 1* MDL (*.mdl)
 Quake 2 MD2 (*.md2)
 Quake 3 MD3 (*.md3)

I'll be adding more formats (such as LWO) as the project progresses.

*Quake 1 Beta models may or may not be supported at some point. Half-Life MDLs probably won't be.

Compiling and/or Running on Windows

You can download most of the necessary files from the official GTK website.

You can download the development and DLL files for GtkGLExt here.
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