Because sometimes I fool myself into believing that I can draw.
Exhibit A

I drew this entirely with a black biro, with no rough work done in pencil first.

I'm guessing that real artists don't do that.

Exhibit B

I don't know what this is for or who it's supposed to be.

I observe that they're nuclear powered, though.

Exhibit C

Gabe, from Penny Arcade.

All of the other pictures have two lines of text, so this one does too.

Exhibit D

Lined Paper.


Exhibit E

This was concept art I did for a game whilst at University.

We ran out of time and none of the characters or back-story made the final cut. :'(

Exhibit F

This is supposed to be Tomo, from Azumanga Daioh.

Spoiler: I traced most of the hair and face.