WildCard Go! is developed and distributed for documentation, study and education, play and review of Go game.  With the traditional 19x19 board, the main program, GoBoard, has integrated all other subprograms like GoEngine Viewer and Goplayer, and enables user to review the stone move and its effects graphically. "Go Text Protocol" is applied as a basic communication, so any of external go engine using same function such as GNU Go can be basically interfaced and run together with WildCard Go!.


WildCard Go! is for

-          Go game documentation and review

-          Play with external go engine

-          Life and dead study

-          Go engine development and evaluation  


WildCard Go! Main functions


1.       Game Edit and Review

Played game can be documented or SGF file can be imported. Various marker and annotation functions are supported and user can put a better and/or different move as a new game branch on existing game tree. After finish the documentation, user can replay, print or export it for review and publishing.


2.      Scenario

Scenario is a part of Edit and Review mode, but more specialized for case study like “Life and Dead” study or “Best Move” review. Detail and specific situation can be defined, and also the possible resolution can be provided as a reference.


3.      Game Play

In this mode, user can play with user defined external go engine. By user setup, go engine to go engine game play is available, and user may just watch them or evaluate the performance of different go engine play.   


WildCard Go! Main features


1.       Supported file format

WildCard Go! has its own file format (*.wcg) to represent more complicated situation of Go game documentation and application, but SGF file format is also supported to import and export.


2.      Display

Wooden board and light reflected stone display is set as default, but user can choose different board, stone and, the background and text color to suit personal favorite.


3.      Marker and annotation

For detailed documentation, symbol and letter maker is supported and can be assigned on stone and board. With this, a brief note can be written on a stone to show more detail situation.


4.      Board rotate and crop view

Board can rotate when required, and also unnecessary board area can be cropped for better display with situation.


5.      Traverse

Including the basic traverse function, WildCard Go! has equipped game tree selection by combo box, “Jump to click” function and ghost stone to enhance the traverse between game tree.


6.      Game tree control

A game tree is a game or scenario, and it can be manipulated by copy the branch or whole tree, or separated file by import or export.


WildCard Go! Main program and Interface


1.       GoBoard

This is the major and centralized program interactively work with user. Board, stone and marker information is displayed and all required functions are done here for edit and play game. 


2.      GoEngine Viewer

Interfaced to GoBoard, and developed to visually estimate stone move, strategy and territory.


3.      GoPlayer

GTP interface to GoBoard and displays external go engine works.


4.      Go Text Protocol

Go Text Protocol (shortly “GTP”) is the basic communication tool of WildCard Go! with other go engine, and all external go engine can be theoretically interfaced by this function.