Links to other Go Bible sites

The links on this page are to websites where further Go Bible downloads are available.  Some of the sites do not mention Go Bible by name.

This page does not claim to be comprehensive or complete. It was made primarily for my own convenience.

Please report any broken links you find on this page.

David Haslam's Go Bible sites

  • Go Bible Shared  - my public shared folder at - where I maintain most of my Go Bible applications for many languages
  • Go Bible eSnips  - my public folder at - only hosts two Japanese versions

General Go Bible sites

Some of these sites have Go Bible editions in more than one language or version.

  • Go Bible - the original site created by Jolon Faichney
  • BiblePhone - international languages available in several JAR file sizes (also WAP download)
  • Bible Society of South Africa - see free cellphone bible
    Translations include: Afrikaans, Sotho (Northern & Southern), Tsonga, Tswana, Xhosa, Zulu
  • Institute for Bible Translation Russia/CIS
    Mobile Phone Bible downloads for CIS and Central Asia in Crimean Tatar, Khakas, Karakalpak, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Turkmen and Uzbek.
  • Word of God team - where you can find a growing number of electronic Bibles for Indian lnaguages

Scripture Earth

  • A significant number of the translations at Scripture Earth have already been made into Go Bible applications.
    These are listed as 'Download the Java enabled cell phone module' in the relevant language pages.

Particular Go Bible sites

Most of these sites are for Go Bible editions for a single language or small group of related languages.

A few of these sites host Go Bible editions which I myself made for the agency that hosts them.

English language


Asia - excluding the Indian subcontinent

European languages
Indian sub-continent

NB. Some of the following links are currently broken - due to website redesign by Christians Mobile in India.