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Sponsors and Supporters

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Spindale Dairy Goat Festival for 2011 
was sponsored by:

Round Mountain Creamery

Looking Glass Arts, NC

   Thank you!

ADGA - International Headquarters
209 West Main Street - P O Box 865
Spindale, NC 28160

Mingo Video
Multi-camera high definition video production
Contact: Ervin Dargan  -  828-606-5418
The folks who brought you the Goat Festival Video!

201 West Main Street
Spindale, NC 28160-1540
(828) 286-3649

The American LaMancha Club

Why Support the Spindale Dairy Goat Festival? Here are two compelling letters:

Thank you for your Media Sponsorship!
Listen LIVE to the sounds of Spindale, USA

American Dairy Goat Association
Products Promotions Committee

Rutherford Community Theatre Group

Thank you Loyce Broughton for this video!

We sure appreciate your support! 

Thanks for the help!

Beverly K,
Mar 12, 2012, 11:03 AM