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From The Spindale Dairy Goat Festival, October 19, 2013

While we had hoped to be able to produce a bigger, better event for 2014, it is simply not feasible at this time. Many thanks go out to all who have supported and participated in the festival and show in the past. Together, we made 3 of the town's largest events happen and made memories that cannot be taken away.
The future of this event is uncertain at this time but we can all be proud of 3 great years, of spreading the word about dairy goats and goat milk products, of some town upgrades, of people that we met, music that we enjoyed, drums into the night and good times.
Thank you all for the blessing of these memories. I will keep this site open and post any updates as available. 

Beverly Kalinowski
Co-Founder / Organizer
Spindale Dairy Goat Festival


We are a Made in USA Event
All vendors selling items are encouraged to have at least 80% of their wares Made In the USA. We are doing this to support our American workers.  It is time to boost our country's economy and celebrate American ma
de goods.

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Thank you to The Ultimate Basement in Spindale for the use of Sound Systems and organizing the great music! Thank you to Ron Douglas of RLD Builders and others from The Ultimate Basement for your fine sound engineering work!

*Vendor Applications HERE

*The next Festival is undetermined at this time.


ADGA Sanctioned Dairy Goat Show

Thanks to all who make this festival possible!

See some video highlights of the first ever Spindale Dairy Goat Festival, ADGA Show and Parade featuring U.S. Made goods and home grown music: 

First Spindale Dairy Goat Festival


In 2010, we had the first ADGA sanctioned 
dairy goat show to ever 
take place in Spindale, 
North Carolina: headquarters of the
American Dairy Goat Association.
Plan to "kick up your heels" in 
Spindale North Carolina!

We believe that we can help ourselves by helping others.

The next Spindale Dairy Goat Festival is undetermined at this time.

Fun Facts: The first ever Spindale Dairy Goat Festival brought between 4-5,000 people to Main Street Spindale, NC on May 22, 2010. It was a one day event, and hosted 160 prize Dairy Goats competing for ribbons and trophies, in the first ADGA Sanctioned Dairy goat show to ever to take place in Spindale.

The Balloon Artist made free balloon animals all day and there were plenty of free activities for the children. Dr. Helmet gave away 100 bicycle helmets!

Six live Bands kept the music going and Goats in Costume paraded down Main Street.

Our youth group, The Goat Festival Kids Committee, helped to raise and donate over $1200 to Heifer International in 2010.

Our Festival hats and t-shirts were all made in the USA and our vendors had averaged about 90% U.S. made goods.

Many people got to taste goat milk cheese, fudge and LaLoos Goat milk Ice Cream for the very first time. We had some wonderful sponsors!

Fact: We need sponsors and volunteers that also love our "Think Globally - Act Locally - Make a difference" mission, to help make our next festival great.

We all made history in May of 2010 - and did it again in May 2011 and May of 2012! 

For more information about the great work that Heifer does, visit them at:

Goats' milk and goats' milk products are some of the most easily digestible foods in the world. Goats' milk is the answer for many people with allergies to cows' milk. It is delicious, nutritious and versatile. Many people claim goats' milk to be helpful in relieving symptoms of arthritis, acid reflux and other ailments.

Located in beautiful Rutherford County, North Carolina, our little town of Spindale is home to the international headquarters of the American Dairy Goat Association. Visit them at:
We are proud to have them here and proud of the work that they do to help support dairy goat farmers, large scale and small scale.
Our town and county have many good things to offer. 
Spindale is a great place to think of starting or relocating your family and business.

Have yourself a refreshing glass of of iced tea and enjoy the hospitality. 

When you visit us here in Spindale, one thing is sure... You're gonna feel welcome!

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The next Festival is TBA
Thank you to WNCW for being our 
Media Sponsor 2 years in a row!
Listen to the sound of Spindale USA
live streaming at:

Everything was so beautiful for our 2012 event. All of the good music, the lovely dairy goats and pet goats... the thousands of smiling people... We are so grateful for Spindale - The small town with a big heart.
Thank you to everyone who came to Spindale for the Festival and Show. Thank you to the volunteers, sponsors, musicians, TheUltimate Basement, RLD Builders, Mingo Video, Round Mountain Creamery, BB&T, ADGA, NC Cooperative Extension, Farmers Friend, Oakland Feed & Seed, Marsha Park DavesSue Ellen Camden-Lee Robin Cook ByersTom Roberson,Louise Layton Farm Bureau, Spindale Drug, Barley's Pizza, Sweeps, the Town of Spindale, RS Traffic Unit and others who helped to make it happen.
We look forward to seeing you all again in 2014, and appreciate your continued support as we take a break in 2012 to build a better future. Great things are coming!
Special thanks to Linda Seligman of Round Mountain Creamery for being a Major sponsor for the 3rd year in a row! Round Mountain Creamery is the first and only grade A Goat milk dairy in the state of North Carolina.

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Photo by: Carol Davis Choun

Looking Glass Arts

Bringing delicious cheese and Goat milk to the Festival again this year.
For more information or to schedule a tour, please give us a call at 828.669.0718.

201 West Main Street
Spindale, NC 28160-1540
(828) 286-3649

ADGA Products Promorions Committee

*Plenty of games, good food, goat art and vendors with items Made in the USA*
Enter your Dairy Goats in the ADGA 
Sanctioned show!
Date: TBA

Location: Main Street, Spindale North Carolina

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