Goatherder Brewing



Brewery Construction

Tap Assembly

Drilling a Keg


Mash Tun

First Brewday

Pseudo Bulk Priming

Goatherder Brewing represents the first steps of the Goatherder into the world of craft brewing.

The journey began just over a year ago.  A trip to Britain and Belgium opened a new world of beer culture.  No longer was Aussie megaswill to be tolerated.

Back home good beer is hard to find and drinkable beer is only a little easier.  Quality imported beer is available but expensive and sometimes displays the signs of a long journey.  We get  a small number of top class imports from Europe and almost none from the US.  Many styles are near impossible to get here.  Imperial Stouts, Double IPAs, Wee Heavies and Marzens are almost unheard of.

A number of microbreweries operate in Australia.  The beer is good, but the distribution isn't wide.  The more adventurous styles are only available close by the breweries.  My hopes were raised when a new micro opened up in my local area.  My foolish hopes were dashed when they released a premium lager, complete with fancy bottles and expensive marketing campaign. Premium lager is Australian for tasteless fizzy yellow water.

So it seems the only way to get access to cheap, good quality beer and to try some exotic styles is to do it one's self.

Thus was born the Goatherder Brewery.

A couple of stabs at K&K brewing were a success.  The beer was drinkable but a little uninspiring.  Next step, all grain brewing.

Countless hours were spent on the Aussie Home Brewers forums, and a few more listening to the sound advice of the Oz Craftbrewers.  It was decided that a 3-tier gravity fed brewery simply must be built.