How do you plan a trip when you travel the first time to a destination? When everything is uncertain - the destination itself, your needs and desires on what you would like to do there, the nature of the stay and the quality of the abode. So it was for me when we started planning our trip to Goa a few weeks ago.

~P has been wanting to go there for years now that it had ceased to be a place - put together and understood as facts such as the weather, distance, cost and possible activities - but had become an idea - the possibility to escape from the mundane and enjoy bliss - that she had to realize. So, questions like "Would you like to be by the beach?" or "Is there any place you would like to see" are irrelevant or are answered either vaguely or out of impulse. 

So, we went back to past experiences - The closest one was the trip to Portugal, the country that had the strongest historical and social impact on Goa. And then there were a host of short trips that we have done in the last five years. Here were the results: Long travel - very bad. Time spent in beach - Not very interesting. Hectic schedules - Very bad. Architecture and old city - Good. Time spent dining together - Very Good. Lazy mornings - Very Good. And these tenets determined how we will spend time in Goa - No best laid plans, No big hotels, Lots of lazing around. Travel light and be open to possibilities.  

But of one thing both of us were certain - This wasn't just a trip. This was a vacation. It was as if 5 days were out of our calendars and no one, nothing - not even the most unexpected, catastrophe - was to bring us in touch with the world as we know it. The laptops were switched off. The mobiles either forgotten or ignored. And the mind, grazing in some idyllic grasslands in Lala-land. 
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