On behalf of the Goan Archives Canada Inc, (GAC), I wish all our sponsors and supporters a Very Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2015.

My sincere gratitude to everyone involved in assisting us to reach our goals,The last 5 years have been productive and we are proud of our achievements in attaining our goals as set out in our first and second edition Brochures.

We wish to take this opportunity to convey our special thanks to our partners at Peel Archives, Museum and Arts, (PAMA), for their ongoing support.

In early June of this year, we were saddened by the passing of Mr. Brian Gilchrist, Archivist at PAMA, after a long illness.  Brian was instrumental in accepting our collection and willingly passed on his knowledge to us any time we needed his assistance. His knowledge was invaluable and a great loss was felt by many who knew him.  GAC members attended the Memorial service held in his honour and were pleased to meet his mother. 

                             We have achieved a great deal, but our work isn’t done yet, as we are focused on getting the youth of our Community involved in coming on-board to take over the ongoing work of GAC.

Looking back into the past to pave the way for our future generations is one of the  principles our  ancestors valued.  How can one move forward without our roots?  It is  vitally important to pass on our ancestor’s history and customs  because  it will help the children build confidence in navigating their lives in the right direction.  This is why  our elders tried so hard to save  our language and culture for the future of our people.  We all have a fundamental role in educating our youth and in enabling them to muster a deep sense of pride in our heritage.

 Toward this end,  we have recently ( on October 4, 2014), inducted a bright young gentleman named Aaron Joshua Pinto, to GAC.  He is passionate and keen about learning more of the Archives and our community.

Aaron is presently in the process of creating a new interactive web page (http://goanarchivescanada.weebly.com/) for youth participation and dialogue. Until the new website, currently under construction, is running smoothly, the present GAC website  (https://sites.google.com/site/goanarchivescanada/) will continue to run simultaneously.

On Saturday the 4th of October, 2014, we made a special effort to introduce Aaron to PAMA in Brampton. We were met by Archivist, Kyle Neill, who was very knowledgeable about the history of Brampton and  he gave us a Grand Tour of this multi-million dollar complex.  We were amazed at the transformation since our last visit. We also visited the Museum and Art Gallery section. Both were very intriguing with  their respective displays  on view.  We found the old jailhouse  architecturally fascinating.  PAMA is a great place for our youth to learn about the past.  Mr. Neill provided a fascinating overview of each display and we were amazed to see our collection of  items  archived in acid free boxes in a safe environment under lock and key!

Aaron was very impressed and enthusiastic and wants to learn more  about the Archives and their works of art.  We in turn are pleased that one of our youth is taking such a keen interest in preserving our history and culture through our archived records.

On this HAPPY note I want to encourage our youth to participate in keeping alive our Goan Heritage.

With very best wishes,

Cecil   D’cruz,

President and Chair,

 Goan  Archives Canada Inc.



By Muriel Lucas of Goan Archives Canada

Members of Goan Archives Canada Inc. were saddened to learn of the demise of Brian Gilchrist, Reference Archivist at the Peel Art Gallery  Museum and Archives (PAMA),( formerly known as Peel Heritage Complex), who passed away May 1st, 2014.

Soon after Goan Archives was founded, an extensive search was conducted to find a repository of the 500 items in our collection.  Brian Gilchrist came to our rescue, listened to what we had achieved and took up our cause.

Despite the fact that their facilities at PHC were undergoing major renovations in their multi-million dollar complex,and presently had space constraints, he willingly gave of his time and imparted his expertise and knowledge of housing our collection in Acid Free Boxes  for time immemorial. 

He commended us for being the first ethnic group to come forward on behalf of our Goan Heritage in tracing our roots for posterity.

He never failed to accommodate our needs when we most needed his help at a moments notice, outside the premises of PHC, on more than one occasion, at a venue of our choice.

Brian was very patient in answering all our queries with a bit of tact and diplomacy.  His sense of humour brought  out the best in him.

His dedication to his work is a rare commodity indeed and will long be remembered by each and every individual of our GAC committee and no doubt to his colleagues at  PAMA.

We are privileged to have known him and convey our deepest sympathies to his immediate family.

May his Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.






2009 –2013

Goan Archives Canada Inc, is proud to release our 2nd edition brochure of Phase 1, partnering with The Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives, archiving our valuable collection of important historical, cultural and literary material accumulated from the past forty years.

 The cover design tries to capture the essence of the Goan Landscape to created a nostalgic feeling of “back home” together with the “lock and key” depicts The Goan Community migration to every continent of the World still maintaining and “Tracing our Roots” to our ancestral home, GOA, India.

 Click HERE to access .pdf version of Report

Goan Archives Canada Inc.

Goan Archives Canada Phase I collection now donated to the 

 Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) 

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Excerpt from City of Brampton – Regional Newsletter – Winter 2012

Art and culture has a new home in Peel Region and in Brampton. The Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives  (PAMA) held its grand opening celebrations on Nov. 24-25.

 PAMA is a place to explore and learn about Peel Region’s culture and heritage, as well as use conversation, questions and stories to help make new and fascinating connections to the surrounding community.

 Visitors can enjoy a variety of drop-in or registered programs, and pay-what-you-can performances and concerts for all ages. In February, the archives, which houses land and  property records, early census records, maps, newspapers, photographs and more, will officially open to the public.

 Formerly the Peel Heritage Complex, PAMA recently underwent an extensive renovation and expansion thanks to the generous support from the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Stimulus Fund and the Region of Peel.

 This expansion included the addition of:

    the new art gallery wing and studio spaces

    a state-of-the-art collection storage space

    a 100-foot-long tunnel and exhibition space connecting the art gallery and museum buildings

    a new museum wing that includes the addition of Manning Square, a family-friendly space that includes an interactive touchable map where visitors can discover and learn about Peel Region

 PAMA’s biggest artifacts are the buildings themselves, which have been community landmarks since they were first built. These buildings date back to 1865 and include the Peel County Courthouse, Peel County Jail and Land Registry Office.

 On Family Day, Feb. 18, 2013, PAMA will host a special event with free admission and hands-on activities as they open the second floor of the museum to the public.

 For more information: pama.peelregion.ca, 905-791-4055 or facebook.com/visitPAMA.


June 15, 2012

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                        . Message From the President and Chair – Cecil D’Cruz

                                           by   Muriel Lucas                 


On behalf of my steering committee John D'Souza, Uvy Lopes, Maurice Pinto, Claude Gomes, Lazarus Pereira, Muriel Lucas and myself, I warmly thank our dedicated volunteers, contributors and supporters for your commitment to the Goan Archives Project.  We acknowledge and applaud all of your hard work in 2011 and look forward to a New Year filled with challenges and wonderful new opportunities.

 I also wish to thank my steering group who’ve helped overcome all obstacles ad hurdles we’ve come across since our inception. Our continuing progress speaks volumes for their dedication to the cause.

 Before going any further, mention must be made about the passing away of one of our GAC contributors and strong supporters, Miss Blanche DeSouza and Mr. Giles Noronha. Their presence will be greatly missed and fondly remembered.  Our prayers go out to their families.  

 My aim as President and Chair, is to ensure that our resources are used responsibly and effectively as well as to build accountability in every aspect of our budget.

 As I look back at our achievements over this year, I am thinking ahead about how much more remains to be accomplished. To give you a brief glimpse of our accomplishments, I invite you to walk through the pages of our website: www…http://sites.google.com/site/goanarchivescanada

 To the two Open Houses which were held, one in the East End and one in the West End, to the Historical Society of Toronto, to The Ties That Bind, In-House Meetings with the Archivists of Peel Heritage Complex, The Passages Project, Meet and Greet at Bayleaf  Restaurant, 55 PGA-Goa Fest, TEGSA Fest, Workshop Project at OAC, CLR Picnic and 5 You Tube interviews… these can all be accessed on our website:


 Our main objective is to Archive our Community’s contribution to Canada since we began immigrating here 40 years ago. These collections have been a resounding success, as approximately 450 items have been collected from more than 40 Goan organizations.  As of today, they have been packed in Acid Free Boxes waiting to be deposited with Peel Heritage Complex in Brampton, in the Spring of 2012 for the use of scholars, historians and for posterity.

 We have been highly commended by the Archivists of Peel Heritage Complex as being the first ethnic group to have taken the initiative to Archive our History and contribution to Canada.  We intend to showcase our collections of artifacts at the opening of their multi-million dollar complex, together with our Canadian Native Indian collections.  This is a major accomplishment achieved without any Community’s financial support and zero financing from Government.  In the eyes of the management of Peel Heritage Complex, this is a feat unequalled by any organization in Ontario! They have extended their full fledged support towards our endeavour, as they see it as a priceless treasure

 On another matter, I am pleased to inform you that we have applied jointly for a Grant as co-sponsors with TEGSA organization and are optimistic of a successful outcome.

I am also pleased to announce our new recruits, Pradip Francis Rodrigues, Joyce Dsouza, Melba Pimenta and Trevor DeSouza  -  Welcome Aboard!

 Pradip is a freelance journalist with an ethnic newspaper, Canada India News with a rich readership, who will be potential contributor in the field of media contacts.  He also writes autobiographies for senior citizens.

 Joyce DSouza, Past President of the Tanzanite Association in Canada, has opted to recruit youth to come on board, and will nurture them in the right direction to fill our shoes.

 As promised, we have risen to the challenge and are pleased to report that we will be moving to modernize PHASE 2 in 2012, with T.V and media blitz’s to which our youth can relate and interact.

 Last but not least, as our expectations continue to rise, we are confident that the high value we have set in saving our history for posterity and the trust placed in the hands of our youth of tomorrow , will yield unprecedented and tangible results.  It is an important element of what defines us and what distinguishes us in our vision. We the initiators of Goan Archives Canada, offer moral support to our youth as we pass the baton on  to the new breed of torch bearers as they forge ahead.

 Once again, I wish to thank each and every one of you for your loyal support in 2011 and look forward to your continued assistance in taking Goan Archives Canada up a notch!


                                          Cecil D’Cruz – President and Chair

                                         Goan Archives Canada Inc.



"Tracing Our Roots"

The Goans – A pioneer South Asian Community in Peel Region
Photos Courtesy of Cecil D’Cruz & Uvy Lopes

Almost four decades ago Goans from various parts of the “Diaspora” came in numbers to Canada, and settled in Peel Region, in Mississauga in particular. Goans can rightfully claim to be the first South Asian Community to create their own social organizations for the well being of members.

Goan Archives Canada Inc. was setup in 2009 with the sole purpose of ensuring that the contributions made by individuals and community organizations are preserved for posterity.

In the last two years Goan Archives Canada, collected more than 450 items in print reflecting their culture and social activities. These will be sorted and classified and later in 2011 handed over to the Peel Heritage Complex, when the new $10 million facilities open in Brampton.

See www.peelheritagecomplex.org

Collaborations with the Peel Heritage Complex proved to be fruitful. When the new complex is dedicated in the fall this year, more than 25 members of the community will be prominently featured in an online web display for the
“Passages Project”.

Goan Archives initiated this program on February 21, 2011. Approximately 50 members of the community came to the Bayleafs Restaurant on family day to “Meet & Greet” and be interviewed by Ms Denyse Churchill, an Educator, who is co-ordinating the program for the Region of Peel, in Brampton. The interviews centred on a 250 word description of an item of special interest with a photograph taken of the interviewee with the item. These will later appear on the Peel Heritage Complex website.

When the interviews were over, Claude Gomes spoke briefly on behalf of Goan Archives and presented the Steering Committee. He then welcomed the Chief Guest and benefactor, Dr. Colin Saldanha.

Dr. Colin Saldanha addressed the gathering, to a rousing applause, and made particular mention that Goans needed to reach over and above their own circle and collaborate with the mainstream community. As a case in point he cited an event that took place in Mississauga. A fund-raiser was held for Troy De Souza, a prospective PC candidate for a seat in BC. This took place in the home of a supporter, and attracted more than 100 persons. Present at the event was Rt. Honourable Jason Kenney, in the Federal Cabinet with a close ear to the Prime Minister. This type of event helps to raise the profile of the Goan community. It also helped to raise $12,000 exceeding the $10,000 target set by the organizers.

Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Muriel Lucas. Uvy Lopes did a large screen DVD presentation. Richie De Souza provided the music for the evening. Christine Rodrigues, recited Grace before Meals.

Mark Fernandes of Bay Leafs , provided a Goan buffet spread, followed by an appetizing dessert and coffee.

When the display is online at the Peel Heritage Complex, expect to see the pictures and personal stories of the following list of contributors, from the community:

  • Sharon & Paul LaPointe
  • Dominic & Louella Misquitta
  • Stan D’Souza
  • Norman & Delphine DaCosta
  • Armando Rodrigues
  • Kevin & Lisette Saldanha
  • Sal Rocha
  • Braz Menezes
  • Judy & Leonard De Souza
  • Natty Carvalho
  • Myra & Osborne D’Souza
  • Richie D’Souza
  • Stafford Laurente
  • Dominic Mendes
  • Frank Dias
  • Glynis Viegas
  • Rudy Rodrigues
  • Tina Walker
  • Vivien Fernandes
  • Maurice Pinto
  • Claude & Amy Gomes
  • Muriel & Patrick Lucas.

When the Complex goes online, any resident of Peel Region will be able to add their own story online. Stay tuned.

Goan Archives 21st Feb, 2011 " Passages Project " on YouTube‏

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Photo Album -2010 - Click Image to View

Cover of Report of Phase I Collection

The Phase I Report has now been released and can be viewed on-line
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  • Goan Archives Canada - The Founders
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