Goalball commenced in Australia in 1980, firstly in New South Wales and Victoria. Queensland followed in 1982 and other states and territories have taken up the sport in the years since.

Meetings were called in 1986 and 1987 to promote and discuss the formation of a national goalball association and a steering committee was formed on 4 April 1987. The first committee of the Australian National Goalball Association (ANGA) was first in January 1988. The name was changed to Goalball Australia (GA) in 1999. ANGA joined the Australian Blind Sports Federation (now Blind Sports Australia) in 1988.

There are currently five (5) full members of Goalball Australia: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

Australia first competed in Goalball in a Paralympics in 1980 and first competed in a World Championships in 1986.

The first international goalball tournament organised in Australia was the Oceania Goalball Championships in Sydney in 1989.

Though at times, playing numbers have been small, the sport in Australia has grown significantly in recent years with approximately 80 players contesting the 2014 National Championships across 4 divisions.