Goalball Australia Executive

The current Goalball Australia Executive Committee is:

President: Murray Elbourn

Vice-President: David Tiller

Secretary: Olivia Muller

Treasurer: Simon Smith

Player Rep: Daniel Morrish

Referee Rep: Warrick Jackes

All correspondence should be sent via the secretary to email: australiangoalball@gmail.com

If you have any issues you would like tabled at any GA Executive meeting, please email to the secretary no later than 10 days prior to the meeting.

Upcoming GA Executive Meeting Dates are as follows:

2018 AGM was held at the AGCs in Perth in early October

To read previous meeting minutes, please click on the relevant link below which will open a PDF document:

(Please note, formal meetings have been unable to be held since May due to unavailability of a quorum in subsequent months. The executive have been corresponding on decisions via email during this time. Our constitutional requirement is a minimum of 4 formal meetings each financial year).

Current Year

GA Executive Meeting 30 July 2018 (endorsed 3 September 2018)

GA Executive Meeting 25 June 2018 (endorsed 30 July 2018)

GA Executive Meeting 29 April 2018 (endorsed 25 June 2018)

GA Executive Meeting 11 March 2018 (endorsed April 2018)

GA Executive Meeting 28 February 2018 (endorsed March 2018)

GA Executive Meeting 5 November 2017 (endorsed January 2018)

2016 AGM Minutes - endorsed at 2017 Meeting

Previous Year

GA Executive Meeting 28 May 2017

GA Executive Meeting 23 April 2017

GA Executive Meeting 26 March 2017

GA Executive Meeting 12 February 2017

GA Executive Meeting 4 December 2016

GA Executive Meeting 6 November 2016

GA Executive Meeting 4 September 2016

2015 AGM and EGM

For copies of minutes from previous years, please request in writing to the Secretary at australiangoalball@gmail.com