Doing Stuff

As we discussed before, this that same game of make-believe you played as children, only with a bit more structure. This is the start of the structure part.

While we have provided rules for a wide array of situations, there are only a few concepts you need to grasp in order for play to proceed smoothly.

· The Task Roll and how it is calculated

· Difficulty and Difficulty Dice

· Time and turns

· Which action happens in which order during an action sequence.

We’ll cover those concepts up front and then get into rules for specific situations such as combat, mad science and shopping.

Most of the time, the XP will describe what the situation is, and the other players will declare what their characters do, and that happens, and then the XP will describe what happens next.

The dice are for instances where the outcome is uncertain, or in dispute, or an arbitrary (and therefore impartial) result is required. Or if you just want the drama of rolling dice.

We normally use ordinary six sided dice - the sort you would use for Craps or Yahtzee - though we often use a lot of them. Some variety in color is often helpful.

Common Stunts

Other Action Adventure Deeds