The Cast of Characters

There are three types of characters: Regular Cast Members [RCM’s], Guest Stars [G*’s hereafter] and extras.

Regular Cast Members are the characters the real players actually role-play. Typically, Role-playing gamers like to create their own characters and play them until the campaign ends (or the character dies). It is this continuity that defines the genre. That said, we have included a wide selection of appropriate characters both as examples, and as a quick fix for players who drop in for scattered episodes, or otherwise lack the time or interest to create characters from scratch.

Guest Stars are the major, non-player characters, including the antagonist, allies of the cast, or other prominent characters in the episode. They often require character treatments just like the regular cast.

Guest Stars are eligible for Plot Points and can do Stunts like Regular Cast Members.

An Extra is any character that does not need a sheet or even a name. They have no particular special abilities.

Essential Requirements for Regular Cast Members

To play canon GAFT the regular cast should all consist of teen-age characters with some level of super ability. They can originate from any point in Earth’s real or imagined history or future.

•Non super teenagers are likely to get their butts kicked. You can wave this by Rule #2 – but you were warned. That said,several members of the sample cast fall into this category because...

•Versatility is more valuable than raw firepower.

•Tactical is not the same as interesting.

•Powerful is not the same as awesome.

Regular cast requires a full character treatment as described in detail in the sub-pages below.