2008/02/19 - Well I got my new EEE a week ago and have not had much of a chance to use it for long durations.


2008/02/04 - My date of arrival for my eee pc is thursday :) 

(yes i have the christmas anticipation) 

2008/02/03 - As of friday i finally broke down and bought an EEE pc for myself. I had been wanting one for sometime but had been reluctant in finally buying one. There are four models currently available for the EEE pc and i picked the 4g surf model. I plan on using it as a mobile writer and as such it would seem to fit my needs nicely for its capabilities and size. The only thing i question is its ability to get on the free wifi network offered at my local McDonald's restuarants. It's "free" because of my DSL plan at home gives me the network as part of plan. If i can get it to log into it then i might very well use it as is, otherwise i might install XP home on it instead using nLite to shrink it down. Yes that is counter productive to a person trying to learn linux but that depends on if in its natural OS if it can fit my needs. If it is able to do so then that is what i will do, if not, then i will replace it.


2008/01/31 - Well as of last night I ended up having trouble with my GUI on my xubuntu laptop. I got nervous about not knowing what to do with it and pulled the hard drive out and plugged it into my tower to install ubuntu back on it again. It worked just fine except when i put the drive back into the laptop and booted it the update manager asked if i wanted to update the nvidia drivers, which i did, and now i cant see the desktop anymore.


2008/01/30 - Wow, time sure flies. Right now I am at work and have had little time to spend working on much of anything. Besides working full time and going to school full time trying to get my B.A. done as well as taking care of my oh-so cute little 15 month girl I have had no time. I was able to get xubuntu installed on my old Toshiba Satellite 5005-S507.



2008/01/08 - This is my first entry. Ta-Da!