(is Linux?)


    Linux is a computer opperating system that was written, initially, by a college student in Finland as a project back in 1991(?). Since its initial humble origins it has grown into a multinational, multicultural, multiarchitectural phenomenon that has revolutionalized the computer industry. The man that made this all happened is Linus Torvald, a geek, had no clue that his hobby would change the whole computer industry. 

    Though Linux initially started as a single operating system it very nature of communal collaboration has caused many differing versions or flavors to develop. According to www.DistroWatch.com there are over 200 Linux variations. Some are more popular than others and appeal to wide audiences while others have specific purposes and tend to have smaller followings. Here is a partial list of different versions that  I am choosing to list, my list, my bias, my rules. ;)

Linux that is easy to learn and use:  

PCLinuxOSFedora | Mandriva

Ubuntu | kUbuntu | xUbuntu

Linux that requires more advanced tinkering: 

Debian | Damn Small Linux (DSL)