After having spent lots of effort getting my finances in order using Gnucash, I found that my accountant wanted the raw figures in a format she could manipulate.
As others before me, I soon found that there was no real simple way of achieving this - several efforts that had worked on previous versions, works in progress, discussions of future options etc.

Eg: see

The closest was the .xsl file which mostly/nearly made a gnumeric spreadsheet (or used to, for a previous version of Gnucash - I'm running 2.2.6)

However, it wouldn't run against my Gnucash data file, and after my first attempted fix, it gave the "File has inconsistent SheetNameIndex element" error as described by others.

So, I waded into the unknown waters of XSL, and came up with this version of the .xsl file, which works for me, and hopefully will for you.

The way I use it is:

xalan -in test01 -xsl ./gnucash2gnumeric_0.7.xsl -out test01.out

Andrew Rose

Andrew Rose,
7 Jun 2009, 23:25