Becky O’Connell—Kearney Public Schools Third Grade Teacher since 1981,             KHS Swimming and Diving Coach since 2001, Age Group / GNST coach since 2001. Her husband, Paul, is a director at the hospital.  Kylie and Kara are going to OT grad school in North Carolina, Kirk is a freshman at Mesa State in Grand Junction, Colorado.  He is going to swim for Mesa.  Karlie is a freshman at KHS.

We have a great group of coaches that work with our kids.  Our head coach for the Greater Nebraska Swim Team is Archie Heffernan.  He and his wife, Heather, coach the North Platte squad.  Heather also does all the registration work for our club.

Cal Bentz, Clayton Terry, Maggie Bach, Nic Genrich and Matt Rye
coach the Lincoln group.  Cal coached the UNL swim team and has been instrumental in helping us develop our team in Kearney. 

Clayton, Maggie and Nic are some of our younger coaches.  They all swam competitively in Lincoln.  Maggie swam for Wyoming in college.
Matt swam for Cal back in the day.

Dana Miller coaches our Valentine kids.  She has a group of 35 competitors this summer!!

Annalise McHargue is a student at UNK studying to be a teacher.  She has been swimming competitively since she was little.  Annie has coached the Kearney squad for 5 years.  Her husband Jess coaches soccer for Kearney Public.

Kara O'Connell is attending Occupational Therapy graduate school in North Corolina.  She has also been in the water since she was tiny!  She has coached with the GNST Kearney group for 5 years.

Jane Bartee coaches the Kearney squad.  She is an All American UNL swimmer.  She has competed and coached at all levels.  Jane is originally from Australia.  Her husband Todd is a professor at UNK.  They have three kids, Lucy, Callie and Owen.

 Joe Weichman is a first year fifth grade teacher at Windy Hills Elementary.  He has been coaching high school and age groupers for about a year.  He swam competitively in Lincoln during high school.

When we travel to meets your athlete will most likely be exposed to several GNST coaches.  We learn every time we compete!