Gnostic Tom's World







what I've considered is that we operate out of this collection of ideas,
some of which is scientific and solid,
others of which are blind faith phantasies, prejudices, attitudes,
and we carry around this baggage of mental routing mechanisms
that deal with, as on auto-pilot, the arising of thoughts,
propelling them from the first to third nen, defining consciousness itself.

if we are filled with so many lies, so many misconceptions,
so many antiquated ideas, then our very consciousness is filtered,
we see life through this lens in place that distorts and obscures.

and this lifetime is ticking away, getting older, getting slower,
and so very much of the past was wasted looking through the lenses
of bullshit ideas that we cherished so much.

enlightenment, I've considered, is not so much about acquiring
as it is about abandoning, letting go of the wrapper of what
we have learned and identified with and actually become
in the human experience on Gaia.

The Truth is as simple as eating a tangerine and watching the sunrise.
It is a no brainer.  It is the Zen of the flying hour of now.
There is so much to unlearn to get to that experience,
to really get to it, direct and unfiltered, with it dripping down
your chin and glaring in your eyes.

Gnostic Tom

We are living psychological experiments of what it means to pay attention to What Is and to learn how to direct connect in an intuitive way to ride on the synchronized patterns of how we all fit together. This is "Gnostic" in the purest sense, eclectic and fluid, empirical, forgetting more than learning, on a quest to see clearly what has been distorted by every spiritual tradition that has come before us, including that of the ancient Gnostics.