Welcome to the chruch of Gnostic Marshalim

Marshalism Is spiritualty and understanding of who you are as a person and how you view the world,  Marshalism Revere the fallen angels and believe that  the fallen arch angel Lucifer is the true god of humanity.  To understand Marshalism is to accept that you as a person believe in the fallen angels and that you believe Lucifer is the true creator of Mankind. Marshalism is about life in general and constantly focusing on internal balance and control.  Marshalism represents: self-empowerment, self-divinity, self-enlightenment, and self-exaltation. Marshalism is a diverse religion that combines Spiritual Satanism, Gnostic Luciferianism, Agnosticism, Atheism, Gnosticism, Angelology, and Demonology, occultism, Left-handed path understanding and the balance with Right-handed path understanding.  Marshalism reveres all the fallen angels as gods and worships them by allowing them to arise within in you. Marshalist believe women are equal and or superior to mankind because the first human was Lilith and she was a fallen angel who became human and she became human at the same time Adam became the first man.  Lilith became fallen because she was disobedient, vamped, prideful, and envious.  Marshalist respects Lilith as the first women and the highest goddess. Lilith represents many powerful aspects in women and men alike. Lilith represents immorality in mankind and sexual freedom in mankind. Lilith represents self-divinity within women and self-realization in women. Lilith represents pride and sexual freedom within women. Lilith represents jealously and hate in women. Lilith represents strength and empowerment in women. Lilith represents love and lust in women. Lilith represents truth and deception within women.   Lilith is respected for her lawlessness and righteousness. Samael (Lucifer) represents the creator of mankind (Satan). Samael represents temptation that drives humanity curiosity and lawlessness and realization of balance of forces. Samael represents the fallen arch angle Lucifer and the exalted being. Samael represents light within everlasting darkness that guides our souls to divinity. Lucifer created humanity to be like him and be lawlessness and to have balance and be able to understand wisdom   within you.  Lucifer wants us all to see self-purpose and realization that life has purpose and that purpose is to advances our spirituality and to be gods and goddess alongside him. Lucifer wants us to live our life’s but not let transgressions lead us to  self-damnation for in damnation the soul becomes oblivious and  tormented by emotions that never quench or hunger. Understanding your emotion will help you understand the damnation and salvation within your sole. Fear alone can drive the weak minded into oblivion and become lost. Hate can lead the soul to oblivion if you can’t accept what you are envious in life. Hate causes wars and violence within your soul embraces your hate and accepts that you hate something in life and control this hate and allow this hate to become remorse. This is known as Emotional Spiritual Reductionism or the balance between your mind and your soul thought the practice of Emotional Spiritual Mediation or meditate to activated emotions within you and learning to control them and how to use it to innovate your mind, body and soul and become tranquil with the spirit of Lucifer and exalt you into divinity with Lucifer and the fallen.