Event Calendar

2018 SPIRITUAL GATHERING 4th Annual Reunion  

WHO: Calling all Spiritual people: White Lighters, Gnostics, & Mystical Travelers  [Optional add-on Fri/Mon classes** for hypnotists.]

WHAT: Spiritual Retreat --Miracle Weekend

More info: coming soon

WHEN: March 10-11,2018

Friday: Meet and Greet 7pm near the fireplace by registration

Saturday: Meet TBD


WHERE: Asilomar, Pacific Grove,CA

WHY: Gather with like-minded people

COST: _______negotiating_____

Credit cards:  ___________________________________________________

Checks:  _____________________

CONTACT  HeavenlyHypnotist@gmail.com

ph: 650-549-1949 forwarded to cell phone for event


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Basic & Advanced Hypnosis
Classic Hypnosis 7-day Basic Training
Starts October 15, 2017 Sunday thru October 21, 2017 Saturday
Prerequisite: High School Grad or GED
Asilomar, California  Taught by Sylvia Browne's former Director of Hypnosis.
Learn self-hypnosis, how to change Habits, address phobias and fears, regression, past life regression and a bit of NLP.   www.PremierHypnosisTrainingCenter.com

Advanced Hypnosis

**Visit Your Life on The Other Side: Afterlife, Life Between Lives  (What do you or your clients do on the Other Side?) –1 day class   March 9, 2018  Friday  @Asilomar, CA
Prerequisite: Basic Hypnosis Training and Past Life Hypnosis experience 

[Join the optional Spiritual Retreat March 10-11 also @Asilomar]

**Journey to the Other Side (Heaven) Take clients to the Other Side,  March 12, 2018
Monday 1 day class 
Asilomar, CA

Prerequisite: Basic Hypnosis Training and  Past Life Hypnosis experience

Advanced Regression, Past Life and Heaven (Other Side) Saturday & Sunday 2 day class  February 17-18, 2018
  @Asilomar, CA

Prerequisite: Basic Hypnosis Training

A Little NLP with Spiritual Flavoring
–1 day Spring 2018 dates TBD  @ Asilomar, CA          www.PremierHypnosisTrainingCenter.com