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Prayer for Healing and Release from Continuing Ill-health

Dearest Mother God, Lift me above any pain. Flood me with your Healing Light. Heal me NOW. Please help me realize any lessons I wanted to learn from my health experiences. If I am holding any negative cell memory or negative morphic resonance from past lives exhibiting as health problems, let those memories be released and eliminated NOW. Azna, neutralize any negativity within me and without. Let my aura be strong, clear, color-corrected and intact. If needed, immediately send me a doctor who knows what is wrong with me and can provide relief and healing. I am done with these health issues. If I wrote in my chart to experience any health issues for my entire life, then soften those effects of ill-health, or if my chart allows, provide a miracle to give me "Perfect Health" for the rest of my life. Please put your mantle of protection over me. Thank you Mother for your intercession. I Love you. Amen
                                                                                               by Rev. Theresa Micheletti

Art by Josephine Wall used with permission

Permission to Heal
Dearest Mother God,
Help us remember that we need to give permission for helpers from the Other Side to enter/access our bodies and do all possible to heal us. We need to remind our friends and family to also give permission to be healed Thank you, Mother. We Love you. Amen
Gnostic Light Keepers

A Daily Prayer to Heal and Sustain
Dearest Mother God, Please keep us all in your arms.
Heal us and sustain us. For my family and friends, please send healing for body mind and spirit. Soothe the grief and calm the fears. Cut through the negativity around us. Amen
Gnostic Light Keepers

Christmas Prayer for Peace
Dearest God,
Help us gather our Lights together for Peace on Earth this Christmas-time. We would be so happy to add our sparks of your Light to help others live in Peace. Let your Love shine through us and out around the world. Let the world feel your Love. We Love you. Amen
Gnostic Light Keepers

Letting Go of Grief

Dearest God,
Please send comforting angels to all who are grieving. Help us support each other and show more compassion. Let us each be a Light for others to ease their pain. Mother, please keep us protected. Let your Peace descend upon us. Remove the negativity from within us and without. Surround us with your Angels to deflect the negativity. Let us feel your Love. Amen

Giving Thanks

Dearest Mother,
Thank you for listening. Thank you for helping me make changes in my chart when allowed. Thank you and Father God for Loving me. Thank you for allowing me to come into life to experience and learn. Thank you for picking me up on the hard days. Please Bless and send thanks to all of the Heavenly entities who have helped me and blessed me. Mother, please hug my Loved ones on the Other Side and on Earth. Thank you for always being there.
With all my Love,    Amen              
by Rev. Theresa Micheletti

Prayer to Let Go of Mistakes
Dearest God, Help us to let go of our mistakes and our guilt and fears. Help us pause and feel your Love. Help us remember only God is perfect. Remind us to be kind to ourselves when we make mistakes. We Love you. Amen
Gnostic Light Keepers

Send a Bubble of Love
Dearest God, Please send a bubble of your Love to all on Earth today. Comfort those who are sad or feel hopeless. Let your Love fall on them like a mantle. Amen

Prayer to Remember Tools for Protection
Dearest Azna,
Help us realize when we are feeling darkness instead of being sick. We need to use Tools for Protection if there is the slightest doubt that uneasy feelings are not illness, but really feeling darkness. Help us remember to question our feelings. Thank you for providing Tools for us to use. Amen

Positive Thoughts

Dearest Mother, Help us remember to audit our thoughts

and stay positive, so we stay surrounded by your positive energy. Remind us when we start to send out negative thoughts, because we want to attract positive not negativity. Thank you Mother. We Love you. Amen
Gnostic Light Keepers

A Protection Prayer

Dearest God,
Feeling dizzy, uneasy, emotional, queasy,

unsure, and adrift, I ask for the protection of Joan of Arc or King Arthur's armor. Surround me with a big bubble of white-blue flame to purify and neutralize the negativity. Inside that bubble put bubble of Purple Light of Spirituality and a bubble of Emerald Green Light of Healing. I ask for your sword to cut thru the negativity within and without. Please allow the Golden Shield of God, the father to be in front of me from the top of my head to my toes. Protect me with your mantle which reaches the floor, past my fingertips and the hood can be pulled down to my chest which I see thru like Harry Potter's invisiblity cloak. Put a Silvery-blue Platinum column of protection within me. I ask for a circle of Angels to be around me deflecting negativity. Give me peace and tranquility. Fill me with the Holy Spirit and your Love. Thank you for your protection.     Amen

Love and Blessings Daily Prayer
Dearest God, Rain your Love and Blessings on all of us,
people and pets. Let us think of kindness and help us drop our hurts and sorrows. Send us comforting Angels. Thank you for listening. Amen
Gnostic Light Keepers

Prayer for all White Lights
Dearest God,
Please send extra protection and your White Light to all Gnostics and all who have chosen to accept the Light of God. Please cut away any negativity within them and without and neutralize it . Surround them with Angels protecting and healing. Fill them with your Love. Amen
Gnostic Light Keepers

Love Ourselves
Dearest Mother,
Help us remember to Love ourselves so we have

the strength and confidence to Love others. Amen
Gnostic Light Keepers

Prayer to Let Go of Judgement

Dearest God,
Thank you for providing guidance. Please shine the Light of Truth on everyone's path. Right now send everyone on track a bubble of Pink Light of your Love. Allow everyone to feel your Love when on the correct path. Give all White Lights the realization that each person has their own journey and help us not to judge others because their journey is different. We are all sparks of God, all so different. Help us to celebrate the differences. If we cannot let go of judgement, help us by taking away the judgement, so we can be the observer instead of the critic. Fill us with your Love each day. Thank you so much for being with us. Love and Amen

Gnostic Light Keepers