Philosophy of Gnostic Light Keepers


1.          Take what rings true and leave the rest.

2.        God Loves you unconditionally. God is Love.

3.        We are sparks of God, special thoughts always in Father God’s mind then created as unique individuals.

4.       God the Father knows all. We were created to experience for God.

5.        We created a contract with Father God to experience for Him and ourselves.

6.       God allows negativity on this planet to enable us to experience for Him.

7.        We believe there is a Mother God, Azna, as well as a Father God, Om.

8.        God knows we make mistakes and he allows us to repeat our lessons as many times as we need to learn.

9.       We search for our own knowledge and truth during this life.

10.  Each of us need to claim and share our own truth.

11.     Anything divine, for the greater good, is worth pursuing.

12.   We can share God’s Love by showing kindness to others.

13.   We can strive to carry the Christ Consciousness within us

14.  We have been given Tools for Protection to help negate darkness and get through this life.

15.   We can petition Mother God for changes in our life if for the greater good.

16.  Father God holds everyone and everything together.

17.   When we band together, we gain in strength to help others and create miracles.

18.   We each come into life with a Spirit Guide and a Protective Angel.