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Gnostic Light keepers             a nonprofit 501 C 3 corporation
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Gnostic Light Keepers

Take what rings true, and leave the rest.
We want to embody Love and Kindness. We want to to provide solace and hope to those struggling on this negative planet. We are open to all searchers for truth and knowledge, called Gnostics. We want to keep the messages given to us from the Other Side pure. Founded to spread messages from the Other Side. First, that God is Love. Second, Father God Loves you no matter what. Next, we volunteered to come to Earth from our Heavenly Paradise to experience for Father God who knows all, but has not experienced all. We wrote the lessons we wanted to learn in our personal blueprint, our chart. We believe in a Mother and a Father God. We have Tools for Protection we can use to negate the darkness. Appeal to Mother God for changes in your life always adding, "If for the greater good,........". We come into life with our own Protective Angel and our personal Spirit Guide, an entity who has also had an incarnated life who guides us. Our information comes from messengers from the Other Side mainly via research trances with Raheim and Iena (Francine), both Guides of Sylvia Browne . Together we can support each other on our journeys by searching for and keeping the Truth from the Other Side. Search your Heart and follow your journey.
Go with God. I Love you, Rev. Theresa
Gnostic Light Keepers.


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"If you keep the light, your light will kiss another's light. We will find you and kiss your light." [Francine- trance/8/14/90- p.11]

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Calling all Spiritual People.  Join our new movement. 
1. Take what rings true, and leave the rest.
2. Allow everyone to share their own truth.
3. Work together as a team  with Love, transparency  and honesty.
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When you Donate think of your money multiplying.  Program for more--

“So you have taken the dollar bill. You have put it in front of you. You have meditated upon it.  You have asked it to grow.

You also must give conditions to it, 'If it is to grow, I will get so much. I will give so much to someone else helping the needy, the poor, the homeless.'

That is what tithing really meant.      ...

The more senses you can appeal to, the more Synergistic it becomes.

The color of money, the feel of money, the looking at money, the programming for the money!

You just make the contractual agreement, “If I get this, I will promise that I will give so much to good, to charity, to homeless, etc.”

From Trance Class with  Spirit Guide, Francine  (Iena) 6/13/89

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