Random Pictures

A glimpse into our life.

A picture from before our engagement party.

Playing the bass flute, back in my music major days.

Enjoying a Shiner Bock (that's true Texas beer!).

DH and I at our favorite coffee shop.

DH enjoying some wassail on the Square.

DH made me a certificate for his business professional fraternity's banquet, since he spends so much time away from home working hard at being prez.  I had to blur out our names.  :-)


 The divine flourless chocolate almond-hazelnut cake I made.

The amazing snowfall we got!  It all fell within about 5 or 6 hours.  It was somewhere between 4 and 8 inches, which is a LOT for Texas!  School even got cancelled.

Sporting my new haircut!  I LOVE it!

DH on our first camping trip.  He's really jazzed about the spice shaker.

DH and I being goofy at a friend's wedding on our first anniversary.  I thought a friend was trying to sneak into our picture (she's notorious for doing so!), so I broke my angry face.

DH and I at some friends' engagement party, again at our favorite coffee house.  We rented out the backyard and surprised them!

Checking out my new ride, summer 2007.


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Christmas 2007 

San Francisco 2007 


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