Old Apartment Pictures

Here are some pictures from our previous apartment, and our first "home" together.

 We currently live in an 895 square foot apartment.  We have 2 beds and one bath, plus a tiny kitchen.  We're planning on moving soon to a one bedroom, so we have a lot of stuff to get rid of!!


Here's the living room.  We've since gotten rid of the chess set and piles of magazines, and we've added a 16" gold "D" to the empty wall space beside the shelf.   The shiny pink lines are speaker wire.

 Here's our dining room.  The white trash can holds the dog food.

 This is the pegboard DH put up in the pantry for me to hang all my extra kitchen tools on.  It is a godsend in such a small kitchen!!


Here's our bedroom.  We just got matching lamps!  And one of the framed posters will go above the mantle when we get to our new place.   I also have two matching EW tiles (two different colors), and a contrasting one to hang above the bed once I get them all painted.  That'll probably wait till we move to the new apartment.


Current Home Pictures

Our Wedding 


First Anniversary Pictures 

Christmas 2007 

San Francisco 2007 


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