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A menu item from which only one of a group can be selected.


gnocl::menuRadioItem [-option value...]



type: string
Accelerator for this item, like "<Ctrl>A" or "<Shift><Alt>B".
type: boolean (default: 0)
Whether the widget is active. This overrides the value of the associated variable. If set to 1, the associated variable is set accordingly.
type: string
User defined data which can be retrieved via the cget subcommand.
type: boolean (default: 0)
Whether the widget state is rendered inconsistent, for example if multiple items in an application are selected which do not have all the same state.
type: string
Name of the widget, can be used to set options in an rc file.
type: string (default: "")
Tcl command which is executed if the radio button is toggled. Before evaluation the following percent strings are substituted:

%w    widget name
%v    value of the radio group
type: boolean (default: 1)
Whether or not the item is sensitve to user input.
type: percent-string (default: "")
Text or icon of the button
type: string
Message that appear next to this widget when the mouse pointer is held over it for a short amount of time.
type: string
(Required option) Value to store in the button's associated variable whenever this button is selected.
type: string    Required option.
Name of a (global) variable which is changed when the state of the item changes. All radio items with the same variable are in one group. If the variable does not exist and the option -active is not set to 0, it is created and set to the value of the first item in the group. If the variable does exist and its value corresponds to the value of a button in this group, this button is selected. If the value of variable is set externally (e.g. via the set), the corresponding button in the group is selected and its associated command executed.
type: boolean (default: 1)
Whether or not the item is visible.


A radio item is like a check item, but in a group of radio items only one can be selected. All radio items of one group share one variable. This variable contains always the value of the active radio item.


id cget option
Returns the value for one option. The option may have any of the values accepted by configure.
id configure [-option value...]
Configures the widget. Option may have any of the values accepted on creation of the widget.
id delete
Deletes the widget and the associated tcl command.
id onToggled
Executes the command given by the -onToggled option of the active item in the group.


set animal dog

set menu [gnocl::menu \
    -title "menuRadioItem"]

$menu add [gnocl::menuRadioItem \
    -text "%_Has _Bird" \
    -variable animal \
    -onValue bird]

$menu add [gnocl::menuRadioItem \
    -text "%_Has _Dog" \
    -variable animal \
    -onValue dog]

$menu add [gnocl::menuRadioItem \
    -text "%_Has _Cat" \
    -variable animal \
    -onValue cat]

$menu popup

results in