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Retrieve widget information.


gnocl::winfo subcommand] <widget-id>


The winfo command gives different information.


notify widget-id [option...]
Monitor changes to object properties.This utility function provides the ability to execute a command whenever an object property changes. This capability is useful for tracing changes to properties which are not ordinarily supported by gnocl widget options. 

-property string (default = "")

The gtk name of the widget property for which notification events are required.

-script string (default = "")
The script to be execute when the specifed widget property is changed.
parent widget-id
Returns the Gnocl name of the  of the container for which the object specified by <widget-id> is the child. 
path widget-id [option...]
Obtains the full path to the object specified by <widget-id>. The returned list contains all the names of the objects in the path separated by periods. If no widget name has been specified for any item in the path (option -name or via glade/builder xml UI description file) then the Gtk widget class will be specified instead.
-classOnly boolean (default = 0)
Specify whether or not to only use widget classes in the path description.
toplevel widget-id
Returns the Gnocl name of the toplevel window which acts as the root ancestor for the object specified by <widget-id>.
geometry widget-id
Return a list containing the size and position of the specified object within its parent  in the form of {x y w h}.
pointer widget-id
Returns a list containing the pointer position for the widget specified by <widget-id>  as two sets of coordinates. The firstr pair represent the pointer position within the containing window, and the second pair with the display screen. This command is useful for obtaining pointer positions for those widgets whose default signals bindings do not return this information.
gnocl::style widget-id