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    Toplevel into which another process can be embedded.


    gnocl::plug [-option value...]


    -child widget-ID
    Widget ID of the child.
    -socketID string (default: "")
    ID of the window in which to embed. This cannot be changed after creation.
    -visible boolean (default: 1)
    Whether or not the item is visible.
    -onDestroy string (default: "")
    Tcl command which is executed if the widget is destroyed. Before evaluation the following percent strings are substituted:

    %w    widget name


    With a plug widget a process can be embedded in another process using the XEMBED protocol. The GUI of the other process does not have to be written in GTK+ or Gnocl. Qt, Tcl/Tk or pure X should work just fine. If the other side uses Gnocl, it should use the socket widget. The plug widget can either be embedded by setting the -socketID option, or by setting the -plugID option of the socket.

    REMARK: embedding in Tk does not work. Any hint why would be appreciated.


    id delete
    Deletes the widget and the associated tcl command.
    id configure [-option value...]
    Configures the widget. Option may have any of the values accepted on creation of the widget.
    id getID
    Returns the window ID of the plug widget.