Gnocl Release 0.9.96
    Now Available For Download

    The first release increment for almost in over 18 months heralds a host of new and enhanced functionality within the Gnocl command set plus a number bug fixes. Here's a brief overview.

    New Widgets

     gnocl::fixed   gnocl::info Bar
     gnocl::aspectFrame gnocl::layout
     gnocl::spinner gnocl::menuRecentChooser
     gnocl::recentManager gnocl::dial

    New Commands

     gnocl::snapshot  gnocl::getStyle
     gnocl::fileFilter  gnocl::screenshot
     gnocl::pointer  gnocl::exec
     gnocl::stockItems  gnocl::statusIcon

    New Widget/Command Options -many new options and subCommands

     gnocl::text  gnocl::window
     gnocl::textBuffer  gnocl::print
     gnocl::tree  gnocl::list
     gnocl::notebook  gnocl::toggleButtton
     gnocl::winfo  gnocl::volumeButton
     gnocl::calendar  gnocl::menuItem
     gnocl::fileChooser  gnocl::eventBox
     gnocl::drawingArea  gnocl::fileChooserButton
     gnocl::folderChooserButton  gnocl::radioButton

    Major Areas of New Functionality

    Implementation of undo/redo for text widget and word-wrapping for gnocl::tree/gnocl::list column text.

    Gnocl for MS-Windows

    Although most widely though of as a *nix development environment, Gtk+ libraries are available for a number of platforms including Microsoft Windows and Apple's MacOSx. Many dyed in the wool Tcler's tend to shy away from the idea of using anything other that Tk for UI development. Well, now's the chance for them to try the latest and stable development release of Gnocl and they don't even need to download dependencies and compile the sources -oh you lucky people! 

    Following this link for more!

    Gnocl for MacOSx? Can it be true?

    The lack of cross platform support has been a criticism often made against Gnocl but, things are about to change.

    Already development versions of the the Mac ready Gnocl core package and its complementary package GnoclMacOSX are available for download thanks to the hard efforts of Mac/Tcl developer Zbigniew Diaczyszyn.

    Making the cross-over from Linux desktop to Snow Leopard has not been easy as Zbigniew will confirm. The major difference between the Gtk and Mac UI design is the  issue of menu bars. These have to be handled
    somewhat differently in order to get that 'authentic Mac look'. In fact, this is why Mac options are handled in a specific, unique package. They can be developed independently of the main Gnocl core giving branch developers the freedom they need to create exciting new platform specific extensions.

    To read more, check out the
    GnoclMacOSX web-site.

    Support Gnocl Development

    As Freeware, Gnocl and its sub-packages are open and free -and that's the way it will remain -but there are costs associated with development and promotion. If either you or your organization have found Gnocl particularly useful, then perhaps you'd like to contribute to its ongoing maintenance and development. Thanks in anticipation.

    Get the latest release from SourceForge!

    Gnocl Development Blogs

    We live in a connected world, messages take seconds to bounce around the world and, lets face it, it's as easy to talk to web buddy in Karachi as it is to call across the house the one's spouse in the kitchen. We've become familiar with chat, familiar with getting regular feedback on whatever's happening out there. Miss-out of the latest gossip and there's a fair chance that interest will be lost. Hence the Gnocl development blog. If you're like me, th
    en as you code away you'll have notebooks, lots of them with jottings and ideas scribbled down. So many jottings that, lets face it, they're lost. The idea of creating a Gnocl blog then, is not just to promote interest in Gnocl, but also to keep together some ideas and code snippets that are being worked on at the time. Blogspot provides a convenient place to to this, its possibly entertaining too, in a geeky sort of way. If you want to read more, follow this link.....

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